Youth Development Programme – Summer 2020

Have you ever thought about volunteering in Africa?

Now’s your chance! African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme offers young people like you the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable volunteer experience in Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar.

Youth Development Programme

Our Youth Development Programme is open to young people between the ages of 16 and 19, and all you need to take part is enthusiasm, commitment, and the drive to make a difference!

The programme offers the chance to take part in a 10-night volunteering experience in Africa, and the adventure starts as soon as you sign up.

In the preparation phase, you’ll be targeted to fundraise as much of your programme fee as possible, giving you the chance to develop skills even before you travel. Our friendly team will support you throughout your fundraising, and our online portal – My African Adventure (My AA) – contains ideas and tips to help you reach your target.

During your trip, you will not only learn about a new culture, but about what you can achieve when you go beyond your comfort zone. You will have the chance to form close bonds with the other people in your group as you work together to make a positive impact at our partner schools. You can choose to help with teaching, running sports sessions, or building new classrooms. Away from volunteering, you’ll get to explore your host destination on one of our adventure activities. From roaming Kenya’s vast plains on safari, to feeding monkeys by hand in Ghana, to snorkelling alongside tropical fish in Zanzibar’s turquoise waters, there’s something for everyone. You’ll also have a log book to complete during your trip, helping you get the most you can from your experience.

Throughout your trip, you will be accompanied by our experienced Group Leaders, who will be on hand to support you through the process. When you return home, you’ll be receive a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the Youth Development Programme – a fantastic testament to the commitment you have shown to your development, and something which you can reference in further education and job opportunities. You’ll return home with a new sense of independence, increased confidence, and a feeling of pride in what you have achieved.

Youth organisations looking to organise a group trip for their young people should visit our Graduate Engagement Trips page.

This is your opportunity to explore a new country, meet new people, and have an impact on the world around you. So, what are you waiting for?

Want to find out more?

We are here to support you and answer your questions.

Youth organisations that promote the programme to their young people have access to a range of support tools – including leaflets, social media content, and testimonials – to share this opportunity with their grads and help boost their graduate engagement rates. Visit our Youth Development Programme toolkit or give us a call to find out more.

How it works

Phase 1

Choose between tropical rural Ghana, bustling urban Kenya, or the ‘Spice Island’ of Zanzibar, and book your place on the trip of a lifetime. Once this decision is made, it’s time to start planning for your adventure.

The preparation phase gives you time to fundraise towards your trip costs and mentally prepare for the experience. Our friendly team will be on hand with advice and guidance throughout your fundraising journey.

Phase 2

Get stuck into the action phase of the programme, as you spend 10 nights volunteering at our partner schools in Africa.

You can choose between providing support with teaching, running sports sessions, and assisting with crucial renovation work.

In your downtime, you’ll get the chance to explore your destination on one of our eye-opening adventure activities.

Phase 3

As you approach the end of your trip, you’ll begin the reflection phase of the programme, giving you the chance to look back on everything that you have achieved.

Your log book will help you reflect on your experience and the ways in which you have grown. On your return home, you’ll receive your Youth Development Programme certificate, which you can proudly show off when applying for future education or employment opportunities.

Trip Options



Ghana is a vibrant, beautiful country with friendly people, stunning landscapes and unspoilt beaches. Dancing and drumming are central to the way of life, and you are never far from a beating drum.

Youth Development Programmes - Ghana

If you are looking to experience vibrant and rural West Africa, we think Ghana is the destination for you.

In the rural Volta region, the main industries are agriculture and fishing, and many children work alongside their parents to bring in an income instead of receiving an education. We are working with our partner schools to improve their facilities and encourage more children to attend school from an earlier age.

Youth Development Programme - Volta Adventure Weekend, Ghana

Included in your trip is a chance to experience Ghana’s wild side. You will visit a protected monkey sanctuary and take a trip to the stunning Wli Falls, before staying overnight in a beautiful lodge.

Trip Cost



10 nights


8th August 2020

Flying From

London Heathrow


£195.00 deposit (required to sign up)
£565.00 (due by 15th February 2020)
£565.00 (due by 1st April 2020)
£570.00 (due by 1st June 2020)

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Kenya is a country of real contrasts, with breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, and a popular tourism industry on one hand, and extreme poverty on the other.

Youth Development Programmes - Kenya

If you are looking to experience an urban part of Africa, where real development is taking place, Kenya is your destination.

We work in Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city, where small-scale agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the backbone of the economy. In the communities where we focus our work, the cost of an education is out of reach for many, so we work with schools that have been set up by local people to give children the chance of a better future.

Youth Development Programme - Rift Valley Adventure Day, Kenya

Included in your trip is our activity-packed Rift Valley Adventure Day, which includes a safari drive through Lake Nakuru National Park, a hike down Thomson Falls, and a visit to the Equator.

Trip Cost



10 nights


4th July 2020

Flying From

London Heathrow


£195.00 deposit (required to sign up)
£550.00 (due by 15th February 2020)
£550.00 (due by 1st March 2020)
£550.00 (due by 1st May 2020)

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Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, is world famous among travellers and tourists for its white sandy beaches and historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Youth Development Programmes - Zanzibar

If you are looking for a taste of island life, coupled with impactful volunteering, historic Zanzibar is the place for you.

Known as the ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar is alive with incredible smells and sounds. However, behind the idyllic scenery lies a different story. Life can be very difficult for a large percentage of the population, and overcrowding in schools poses a serious educational challenge. We show you the realities of life for many people on this beautiful island.

Youth Development Programme - Ocean Safari, Zanzibar

Included in your trip is the chance to explore the paradise waters and pristine beaches of this beautiful island, and try some of the freshest seafood imaginable, on our Ocean Safari.

Trip Cost



10 nights


4th July 2020

Flying From

London Heathrow


£195.00 deposit (required to sign up)
£585.00 (due by 15th February 2020)
£585.00 (due by 1st March 2020)
£580.00 (due by 1st May 2020)

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Programme Package

What’s Included In Your Package

The programme fee covers virtually everything you need for your trip:

  • Return indirect flights from London Heathrow
  • Specialist volunteer travel insurance
  • Single-sex shared accommodation
  • Three meals per day (except adventure weekend & transit days)
  • In-country transfers and daily return transport to projects
  • Orientation upon arrival, 24-hour in-country support and dedicated African Trip Host
  • Pre-planned project work
  • Programme Leader (travelling with group)
  • Cultural activities
  • Weekend adventure activity
  • Project development contribution
  • Access to our online portal, My AA, for trip details, pre-departure support & fundraising ideas
  • African Adventures t-shirt

What’s Not Included

Not much, actually.

  • UK medical expenses (any vaccinations or antimalarials) – always consult your GP
  • Visa fee (£30-60)
  • DBS check 1
  • Drinks
  1. All volunteers over the age of 18 will be required to undergo a DBS check prior to travel

Fundraising Support

Fundraising is a great way to raise your trip costs, and it can be a lot of fun too! In a 2019 survey of our youth volunteers, 41% of respondents said they raised 50% or more of the money they needed, which is a fantastic achievement.

Many of our volunteers tell us that the fundraising aspect of their experience was a great way to learn new skills, and gave them a sense of pride when they earned the money to go on the trip themselves. We have years of experience and dozens of ways to help, so always feel free to ask us for support. From fun events to earning money just by shopping online, we can help you reach your target.

There is also a comprehensive Fundraising Support section for you to use on our online portal, My African Adventure.


We pride ourselves on our personalised and friendly approach, and we want to be there to support you at every stage of the adventure. Our fantastic online portal – My African Adventure – contains a wealth of information about fundraising, your destination, and how to best prepare for your trip. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, we are always at the end of the phone or available via email to help you out.

Our friendly UK team are always on hand to help you with any worries or concerns you may have as you fundraise and prepare for your trip. We are available via phone and email, so please feel free to get in touch at any time.

You will be required to attend a pre-departure meeting 6-8 weeks before your trip departs.

When it’s time to depart, you will be met at London Heathrow by your African Adventures UK Trip Leaders, who will travel and volunteer alongside you. They will be with you throughout your time in Africa, staying in the same accommodation and sharing the entire experience with you and your group.

In Africa, you’ll be in the safe hands of our knowledgeable In-Country Trip Hosts, who are all local to the communities where you’ll be staying, and are undoubtedly the best people for the job. They’ll be with you throughout your adventure, helping to ensure that your trip is safe, fun, and enjoyable!

Your trip will have its challenges, but the most rewarding experiences always do! You are likely to be stepping out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and travelling to a new country that has a different environment and a different culture.

This will be an exciting challenge for you, but you will have plenty of support whilst you are away. Our trained Trip Leaders and Trip Hosts will always be there to look after you and your fellow volunteers.

If you’ve not been to this part of the world before, you’ll need some vaccinations before you go.

Please visit your local GP or travel nurse for advice regarding which vaccinations you need. You can also visit or for helpful information relating to each of our volunteering destinations.

Most vaccinations needed are available on the NHS. However, you will need to pay for the Yellow Fever vaccination and antimalarial tablets. More information is available on our online portal, My African Adventure.

In a word, yes! Of course, there are risks with any form of travel, whether you’re going to Los Angeles, Lima or London, but hundreds of thousands of Britons travel to Africa every year and the vast majority of visits are trouble free.

At African Adventures, we have organised trips for over 6,000 volunteers and hold a wealth of experience. From pre-departure support and in-country orientations, to knowing nearby hospitals and medical centres, we know how to deliver a safe and exciting experience. We are accredited by reputable travel bodies (see Trusted and Experienced) and we follow Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) advice at all times  (

Volunteers stay in single-sex, shared accommodation for the duration of the programme. In Ghana, the group will stay in a private guesthouse, and in Kenya and Zanzibar volunteers will stay in basic hotels.

All accommodation has showers, flushing toilets and lockable rooms.

Further information (including pictures) is available on My African Adventure, our online portal which you can access after booking your place.

Previous experience has demonstrated that, with the right commitment, enthusiasm, planning and organisation, it is possible to raise the entirety of the trip funds. We will be available to support you throughout the fundraising stage with ideas, inspiration and practical advice.

Should you find that it is proving too difficult to raise the money required, and you do decide to cancel, you can do so at any time. Please be aware that the deposit is non-refundable and there are cancellation fees from 150 days prior to departure.

No; African Adventures is a social enterprise. Our volunteers carry out fundraising to cover their trip costs – this is an important part of the African Adventures experience. The money that volunteers raise funds all aspects of their trip, such as flights, accommodation and adventure activities. As this money is not raised for a charity, volunteers should use crowdfunding webpages (e.g. FundMyTravel), rather than charity pages such as Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

We do, however, also have a charity arm called African Adventures Foundation, and some volunteers choose to fundraise for our charity on their return from Africa. Because African Adventures Ltd. covers any associated costs, African Adventures Foundation is able to ensure that 100% of the money donated is sent to where it is needed most, meaning that real impact can be made. Visit for more information.

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