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Feel free to use this supplied text as the basis for contacting your graduates to let them know about African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme. Please note, you will need to add your organisation name in the section highlighted.

Dear grads,

Your development journey doesn’t have to end when you graduate the programme. [LDP name] has teamed up with African Adventures to offer you the chance to volunteer in Africa alongside fellow graduates, as well as other young people from across the UK.

You have the choice of volunteering in either Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar, providing much-needed support either by assisting in classrooms, helping to run sports sessions, or carrying out crucial renovation work. This is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and make memories to last a lifetime.

The trips are taking place during July and August of 2020; choose the destination that best suits you and start your adventure! You’ll experience what life is like for young people in Africa and will have the chance to make a small, but very real, impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

There is a cost to the trip per person which includes flights, accommodation, food, and more. In fact, the only things not included are visa fees, drinks, spending money, and any vaccinations or antimalarial tablets you might need.

Most young people are able to fundraise enough to cover a significant portion of the cost of their trip. Fundraising is a key part of the experience and ensures the trip is affordable for all young people. Don’t worry – you’ll be supported throughout your fundraising to help you meet your target.

Many young people return from their trips with a brand new perspective, increased confidence and a deeper understanding of the impact that they can have on the world around them.

Ready to find out more? Visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp to start planning for your adventure!

The whole trip is a great eye-opener and will definitely change your life forever.

I have enjoyed every moment. I have seen what a big difference we can make in just a week.

I’ve had fun, learned a lot about myself and made friendships that will last a lifetime.

This has been the most eye-opening and unbelievable opportunity of my life.

Everyone that comes on the trip gains invaluable life skills.

When you’re at home you tend to take things for granted. This trip has made me appreciate what life gives us.

This trip was one of the very few life experiences through which my outlook on the world has been entirely and permanently changed.

Thank you for the most amazing and fulfilling experience of my life, the best thing I have ever done.

My outlook on everyday challenges and experiences will be significantly changed because of this trip.

They took part in activities that were new to them and learnt many new skills; they really wanted to make a difference.

I have learned to be open-minded and confident, and not to judge people, as they may have come from a tough background.

Version 1

Join a trip of a lifetime in either Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar! African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme provides you with the opportunity to be part of a group volunteering experience whilst making a difference to a deprived community in Africa. If you’d like to challenge yourself, learn about a different culture and build life-long skills, visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp for more information.

Version 2

Your next adventure could be just around the corner… African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme is looking for people like you to volunteer at their partner projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. This is your chance to team up with like-minded people, step outside your comfort zone and be involved in a rewarding volunteer experience. For further information, please visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp.

Version 3

What skills can you offer? On African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme, everyone has something to offer. Whether you support with teaching, get involved with sports coaching, or help with building work, you will be impacting the lives of those less fortunate. Choose either Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar and start your adventure…this is your opportunity to experience volunteering in Africa and develop skills for your future. Visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp.

Version 4

Will you make a difference? Sign up to African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme and you will be part of a life-changing experience during which you will have an awesome adventure, make new friends, and contribute to meaningful change in Africa. Choose Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar and start your adventure! Visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp

Version 5

Are you looking to add something impressive to your CV? Learn new skills and develop your confidence through African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme. You will have an amazing experience to reference, which will set you above the rest when applying for future education or work opportunities. Choose Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar and start your adventure! Visit www.african-adventures.co.uk/ydp

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