Welcome to our new website!

Dan Mew

Welcome to our brand new website!


The team has been working round the clock over the past few months to provide our visitors with a new, enjoyable, informative online experience.

Having surveyed those using our old website, it became clear that our navigation was too clunky and it took too long to find the information being sought. The website was static and did not ‘move’ enough in comparison with other, more modern sites, which feature more video content.

So, we went straight to the drawing board to get started on a fresh, clean, interactive website that will, hopefully, make you want to stay and have a look around.


Three months, lots of coffee and numerous late nights later, I am pleased to introduce you to our new website. New key features include:

  • Quicker navigation – you should find exactly what you are looking for in two clicks.
  • More video – we want to bring our work to life and sometimes we can communicate this better through video, so expect to see much more over the coming weeks and months!
  • Straight to the point – whether you want some key stats about our work, the trip costs, trip dates or to just book, we have purposely tried to give you everything you need.
  • Interactive – choose the information you want to find with our new accordion-style menus and get involved with our trips and African Adventures Foundation fundraising events by booking online immediately.


This website has been made for you and I would personally value your input if you have suggestions to help us improve.

Best wishes


UK Development Manager