Training and learning with our colleagues in Kenya

Dan Mew
This week, Dan has been talking to our Kenyan staff about the African Adventures Development Plan and our exciting plans for the next three years!

There was much to talk about, much to learn and much to be positive and excited about! Look out for some exciting developments in terms of our trips to Kenya…


Feedback was a central part of the training and learning session, as this is so important to us. We acknowledge that we should always be striving to improve what we do and we can only do this through welcoming and responding to feedback.

The Kenyan staff were in good spirits and eager to hear our volunteers’ thoughts, largely extremely positive, we are pleased to say!


The session also presented the opportunity to discuss project plans for 2016. It was great for Dan to hear from each of the Project Coordinators about their vision and thoughts for next year, and how African Adventures can best work with them to push these plans forward.