Three best places to volunteer in Africa in 2018

Dan Mew

Choosing a volunteer programme in Africa enables you to contribute to meaningful change whilst having a fun adventure. Have a look at our top three African destinations for some inspiration!


If you’re looking to experience rural Africa and the coast, Ghana is the perfect destination for you. Whilst witnessing the challenges faced here, you will get to expand your horizons and enjoy the vibrant culture, meet friendly people and explore beautiful landscapes.

Volunteering Ghana


If you’d like to see more of urban Africa with a real project focus, then choose to contribute to community development in Kenya. As a volunteer, you’ll get to see the difficulties many Kenyans face yet also discover the country’s stunning wilderness, sweeping savannahs and unrivalled wildlife.

Volunteering Kenya


If you’d like to mix urban and coast, whilst making a real impact then Zanzibar is a good choice! Famous for its spice trade and idyllic beaches, East Africa’s Spice Isle offers you a variety of rich heritage and culture alongside rest and relaxation.

Volunteering Zanzibar

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