Day One: The Adventure Begins…

Dan Mew

I rearrange my cases then, with a stroke of luck, I meet the School Geography Challenge winners from Stafford Grammar School at check-in; we print off our boarding passes and all put our bags through. All six members of their party have an extra suitcase full of donations, which reflects the attitude with which they have approached this experience. The girls all seem excited about their African Adventure and not at all perturbed by the day of travelling they are about to embark on.

School Geography Challenge
Ready for departure

Their Group Leaders, Kelly (who entered the girls into the competition and brought them to March’s final) and Anne, are also very enthusiastic –  a week-long geography field trip to The Great Rift Valley is right up their street.

After a long, uneventful flight, courtesy of our School Geography Challenge sponsor, Kenya Airways, we arrive in Nairobi’s Jomo-Kenyatta Airport at the glorious time of 4:30am. Fred arrives to take us to Nakuru, with a few stops along the way. We’re first to arrive at the shopping mall, barely open at 6:30, to grab breakfast, and then we head to possibly the highlight of Kelly’s trip… the giraffe sanctuary.

School Geography Challenge
Meeting the giraffes

After feeding/kissing the giraffes we head off towards Nakuru once more. Along the way, we stop off at a Rift Valley viewpoint to have a long look at the massive natural phenomenon. A selection of photos and selfies and we’re back in the bus for a few more hours.

School Geography Challenge
Rift Valley viewpoint selfie