Thank you for the baby donations

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Baby donations to Ghana

African Adventures would like to say a big thank you to local mums in Hampshire who kindly donated their baby items which were no longer needed to be given to mums in Ghana. The clothes, toiletries and toys have been most gratefully received and with two large suitcases packed full of donated items, they will go a long way.

With Christmas just around the corner, this small act of kindness really is appreciated and it is nice that people can see where the baby items they have donated have gone to.

Tegbi Clinic bed - Donations

We are also pleased to say that thanks to funds through the African Adventures Foundation, there have been promising improvements at Tegbi Birthing Clinic in Ghana with the new birthing bed and renovations of the centre. Thank you to all who have donated; you can see every little improvement helps to make a more comfortable environment for new mothers and we will continue to help making this a better and safe environment for them to give birth in.

Tegbi Clinic - Donations

To find out more about the African Adventures Foundation, please visit the Foundation page, alternatively donate directly to them through Virgin Money Giving.