Tegbi School in Ghana

In 2013, we partnered with Tegbi School in Ghana to help the school build capacity and increase the quality of the education it provides to students

Tegbi EP is a government-run primary school which was founded in 1946 in the rural town of Woe in Ghana.

The school provides an education to 550 children between the ages of four and 20, from Kindergarten through to the third (and final) year of junior high school.

Although Tegbi receives funding from the Ghanaian government, it is severely lacking in teaching resources and equipment. 

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Increasing Tegbi's outreach

In the rural Volta region of Ghana, where Tegbi EP is located, it is common for children to work alongside their families in fishing and agriculture instead of attending school. 

Tegbi EP wanted to improve its facilities to encourage more children to attend school from an earlier age and stay in education longer.

With this in mind, between 2017 and 2018, volunteers helped paint all the classrooms at the school, in order to create a more engaging learning environment for the children.

Our approach to this challenge:

Working Collaboratively

All work was led by expert local builders, with African Adventures volunteers assisting wherever possible.

Project-Led Development

Tegbi EP set the direction of the school’s development, with African Adventures providing the necessary resources.


The classroom renovations were completed in 2018 and the school was able to expand its reach.

project timeline

Spring 2017
Plan agreed to renovate all classrooms
Spring 2017
Old classroom block
Summer 2017
First volunteers travel to Volta to start renovations
Summer 2018
Four volunteer groups travel to help complete the work
Autumn 2018
First set of classrooms complete
Winter 2018
All classrooms ready for use by students

the impact

“Tegbi continues to grow and is transforming into a thriving school…thank you for your support.”

Christian Seshie
Tegbi EP School’s Headteacher

classrooms renovated at the school
students have benefitted from the renovations
years to complete the renovation work