Fishing in Ghana
What to expect when travelling to Ghana

Are you considering travelling to Ghana? The Gold Coast is famous for it's traditional, laid-back way of living. Here are some highlights of Ghana as a destination and what you...

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Volunteering in Kenya
Rams In Kenya – Seventh Successful Trip

The summer programme has kicked off to a fantastic start with Derby County Community Trust travelling to Kenya for their seventh annual trip, volunteering at our partner projects in Nakuru.

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Mama Kerry classroom
A new build for Mama Kerry

Mama Kerry is looking smart thanks to the help of Derby College volunteers who were placed at the project in January to construct a new classroom and brighten up the...

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Volunteering in Africa
What to bring on a volunteer trip to Africa

What you really need, in order to have a trip of a lifetime in Africa, is to look beyond the material things. When you think more broadly, you will soon...

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Blogging for African Adventures
Blogging your volunteer journey

Whilst on your volunteer journey, you might like to keep a record of your experiences by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a blog. Here are five reasons to...

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Responsible Tourism Made Easy – How to do your bit

Responsible tourism is really quite simple. It is about respecting others and the communities that you are visiting.

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Trainee teachers learn a whole lot on placement in Kenya

Without the sun, Kenya is surprisingly cold. Despite the temperature and early start, I am so excited to welcome them to Kenya and help them start this amazing journey they...

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Project updates from recent volunteer trips to Kenya and Ghana

Our first few trips of the year have been fantastic with volunteers working hard and achieving some very successful project work in Kenya and Ghana.

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Akwaaba from Ghana!

Dan reports back from Ghana having had a good week catching up with staff and the projects and planning ahead for the busy volunteer season to come.

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Voluntourism CAN make a difference and can be life changing – when done right

Volunteering should be life-changing for both the traveller and those in the community that they visit.

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