Steph Dulieu

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I joined African Adventures in January 2015 and, since then, there have been some incredible achievements for the organisation, not least our 10-year anniversary! As a Senior Trip Coordinator my role is to facilitate the trips from booking right the way through to pre-departure so that our volunteers know what to expect and prepare for when they arrive in-country. We are the first point of contact for volunteers and here to answer any questions that people have in preparation for their volunteer experience in Africa.

Having volunteered in Kenya and travelled as a member of staff to Ghana, I have seen the positive impact that volunteering has on others. It was incredible to see the students taking in a different culture; they really developed as a result and it is amazing to know that their experience is likely to influence their decisions and choices for years to come.

African Adventures became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2018, which means that we are committed to upholding the UNGC principles and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. I feel that this is important because through our partnerships with the projects we are contributing to their development and growth as well as protecting the environment, working to eliminate poverty and address inequality globally.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time in the gym as well as going to see live music. When the weather is nice, I enjoy being outdoors but in the winter I prefer reading and watching films. I enjoy travelling to different parts of the world and learning about other cultures, and I still have lots of places to discover!