Siva Vordzorgbe

African Adventures Siva Vordzorgbe

Hello, my name is Siva and I have been working with African Adventures since 2012. I was homeless as a young child and have had to work very hard to reach the position I find myself in today.

I farmed to pay for my school fees and actually first went to school when I was 14, so I learnt to read and write with some children who were 6 years-old. I look back and smile now.

I live in a small fishing village and am trying hard to provide people here with a better chance than I had. Through African Adventures, we support 7 schools that offer free education (or occasionally a small fee) to children and adults in the nearby villages.

Volunteers really help us to make things better at the schools here. Sport is very big in Ghana and our teams love having sports volunteers who can support them in any way. My favourite part of my work is seeing how volunteers and people from my community can form such good friendships in a short space of time.

I was lucky enough to visit the UK in March 2015 and found it amazing to see how much support ex-volunteers give to the African Adventures Foundation.