School trips vs solo travel

Dan Mew

At African Adventures we offer two types of trips: those for large groups, such as school expeditions, and those for solo travellers or small groups.

All our trips share a common goal of contributing to meaningful development in the communities we work with, as well as giving volunteers an incredible experience of Africa. However, there are some subtle differences.

Large group trips


School Trips vs Solo Travel

Our group trips are designed to make everything as easy as possible. They are fully inclusive, and our experienced team will take care of everything, from initial launch until you return to the UK. This includes flights, accommodation, food, insurance and your itinerary.

These trips are designed for people aged 13+ and typically run for between 7 and 28 nights. Trips cater for groups of all sizes, and depart all year round, except December. We work with a variety of groups including schools, colleges, scouts, guides and sports clubs.

We know it’s important that volunteers experience as much of Africa as they can. That’s why we go beyond volunteering, offering a range of adventure activities for an additional cost. These cover history, culture, geography, wildlife and more. We guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Solo travellers and small groups


School Trips vs Solo Travel

Our trips for solo travellers and small groups run for 2-4 weeks and are designed for those aged 18+, or small independent groups such as families. As these trips are designed to give more flexibility, volunteers manage their own flights. You will also have time outside of volunteering to explore the local area independently, although your trip host will be available should you need them.

Food, accommodation, insurance and in-country transport are all included in the trip cost. Cultural activities are also included as standard, such as a Ghanaian drumming workshop, a trip to a Kenyan giraffe centre or a visit to Zanzibar’s bustling fish market.

We understand that part of your motivation to volunteer might stem from a desire to travel and experience a new culture. Volunteers can therefore also opt to add an adventure activity to their trip for an additional cost, including a Kenyan safari experience, a night in a tropical retreat in Ghana or snorkelling in Zanzibar’s paradise waters.

Whether you travel on a school expedition or independently, you will be contributing to sustainable and responsible development goals. You’ll return from your African Adventure with a whole new outlook on the world and an experience that you’ll never forget. Find out more about our school expeditions and solo programmes.