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Connecting students in the UK & Africa - for free.

We work with 26 schools in underprivileged areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. We support them with the financial and humanitarian resources they need to develop, and help to serve their communities through the provision of education and food.

We are so excited to announce our new School Partnership scheme, offering schools in the UK the opportunity to connect with one of our partner schools in Africa, and develop a long-lasting partnership that will improve students’ understanding of life in another continent.

School Partnerships

Beyond building positive PR for your school, there are so many great reasons to get involved.

Broaden Perspectives

Build increased appreciation amongst your students of school life in Africa.

Gain Additional Lesson Content

Get additional international development content for lessons.

Develop Understanding

A tool to change perceptions and develop your students' understanding of the world.

Create Something Meaningful

Build a meaningful link with a school in Africa.

what's included? (it's free!)

  • A signed, framed certificate to acknowledge the partnership
  • Welcome letter from your partner school
  • Pen pal letters
  • Access to an exclusive webpage, containing resources and information about your partner school
  • We’ll send letters or resources between you and your partner school once every half term
  • Half-termly updates about your partner school
  • The opportunity to fundraise for your partner school
  • We’ll handle all communication for you

“Having had the privilege of leading school trips abroad for over 30 years, I find that the more we communicate, the more we understand each other’s views, leading to a better future for all of us.”

John Lomas – Head of Personal Development, Springfield School

Interested in a partnership?