Samson Zuberi

I am the In-country Co-ordinator for Zanzibar and I oversee the programmes on the Island.

I hail from mainland Tanzania but moved to Zanzibar when I was nine years old, to live with my father, and I have been here ever since. I have a wife and two young sons – David and Daniel. We live in the north of Zanzibar City.

I am a Christian, which is strange in Zanzibar as most people are Muslims. I am privileged to lead a community group that represents over 8,000 people in my region, who are both Muslim and Christian. I have an active relationship with the schools that African Adventures works with and am also a qualified travel and tours leader.

I work closely with volunteers coming to Zanzibar to make sure their stay is enjoyable. I believe we can show the positives and the areas requiring help – support is greatly needed.

I am so excited to welcome volunteers to my homeland.

Karibu sana!