Responsible Volunteering

At African Adventures, responsible volunteering is not just something we claim to deliver; it is a fundamental part of our work. We never create the need for volunteering in-country; we respond to existing needs and work together with our partner projects, who lead the way.

The projects always decide on the work that is carried out; never us. After all, they know their needs far better than we ever could.

All volunteers travel with a great desire to help and this is one of the main reasons they choose to travel with us in the first place. However, the most common underestimation for volunteers is how much they take away from the experience, which helps to create better-informed, global citizens.

We also take great care in managing expectations of what can be achieved in just one trip and are clear about the project work that has been organised by African Adventures before departure.

Volunteers are then more likely to leave with a greater sense of fulfilment by the end of the trip. Equally, the project also has realistic expectations of what the volunteers will achieve during their stay. We believe this is crucial in order to deliver sustained, responsible volunteering.

Roles & Responsibilities

We are proud to champion locally-led work and this can only be achieved through employing local people, who are the best people for the job.

No UK staff are based in Africa. Our In-Country Directors are African and they lead on our recruitment process in-country, our overall project work and help to develop our programmes. At peak times, we employ over 50 staff in Africa. Visits to Africa by UK staff are made for training purposes and to better understand the areas in which we work. We also organise regular opportunities for our staff in Africa to visit the UK for the same purpose.

At projects, volunteers assist local teachers and local builders and never replace them. Where expert volunteers travel, such as qualified teachers, their volunteer time is spent offering training and support, where requested, to local teachers that can be used in future. This also helps to ensure that our volunteer impact is not focused exclusively on children but adults at the project too, which helps strengthen our partnership.

Volunteer Behaviour

All volunteers agree to abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct during their trip, which has been created in partnership with our in-country teams and partner projects.

This helps to educate our volunteers about cultural nuances in-country, whilst setting our behavioural expectations during the trip. We communicate this through My African Adventure and in person with our groups at our pre-departure meetings.

The Code of Conduct also includes how to volunteer responsibly through our Good Practice for Working with Young/Vulnerable People policy, which helps safeguard people who are considered ‘at risk’.

Environmental Impact

African Adventures is committed to both minimising its carbon footprint at source and offsetting carbon emissions that are unavoidable because of our operation.

We aim to be running a carbon neutral office by the end of 2019 and be one of a select few travel companies that offsets all carbon emitted from our volunteers’ flights by the end of 2021.

Further information to follow.

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