Responsible Tourism

Responsible Volunteering

What makes African Adventures responsible?


We work in partnership with local people who know what is in the best interests of their community

Volunteer Roles

Our volunteers support local tradesmen and teachers – they will never replace them


We promote from within and employ local staff for all jobs, supporting the community


We support volunteers throughout their journey and manage their expectations


Our trips promote cultural exchange and open people’s eyes to the world, changing perspectives
Responsible volunteering

At African Adventures, we put great value on responsible volunteering. Responsible travel and volunteering practices are not just something we claim to deliver; they are a fundamental part of our work. We are passionate about volunteering being done in the right way, where there are clear tangible benefits to all parties involved. Key to this is that we never create the need for volunteering; we simply respond to needs that already exist. We will never dictate the needs of our partner projects; instead, we support them in achieving the goals and developments they tell us are required. After all, they know their communities, projects and needs far better than we could ever do.

All volunteers travel with a great desire to help and this is one of the main reasons they choose to travel with us in the first place. We have a great responsibility as an organisation to manage expectations of what can be achieved in just one trip and to push against the notion, albeit unintentionally, of volunteer entitlement. This is why we are very clear about the project work that has been organised and funded by African Adventures before departure. Volunteers then take great pride in the work they do and leave with a true sense of fulfilment by the end of the trip. Equally, the project also has realistic expectations of what the volunteers will achieve during their stay. We believe this is important in terms of responsible volunteering.

We don’t create the need for volunteering.
We respond to existing needs

We are proud to champion locally led work and this can only be achieved through employing local people, who are unquestionably the best people for the job. No UK staff are based in Africa. Our In-Country Directors are African and they lead on our recruitment process in-country, our overall project work and help to develop our products. Visits to Africa by UK staff are made for training purposes and to better understand the areas in which we work. At peak times, we employ over 50 staff in Africa.

Volunteers assist local teachers and local builders and never replace them. Where expert volunteers travel, such as qualified teachers, their volunteer time is spent offering training and support, where requested, to local teachers that can be used in future. This also helps to ensure that our volunteer impact is not focused exclusively on children but adults at the project too, which helps strengthen our partnership.

At African Adventures, we really care about the communities that we support. We want to ensure that our volunteers are really making a difference, positively impacting people’s lives and, ultimately, improving access to education for children in deprived areas; this is why we exist.

Please see our responsible tourism white paper for more information about what responsible tourism is, why it is so important and how you can ensure that you are travelling responsibly.

Our Community Development Pledge

Our unique and pioneering Community Development Pledge outlines our personal approach to ensuring responsible tourism practices and is our promise to always put our partner projects first.

Responsible Operations

We only partner with projects set up and run by local people, removing reliance on our support

Project focused

We will always put the needs of the projects first and act in their best interests

Working In Partnership

We work in partnership with the project staff and will never dictate projects’ needs


We will always be adaptable, appreciating that projects’ needs change regularly

Showing Respect

We will never work where we are not wanted

Why We Exist

We will do all we can to improve lives and provide children with an education

Humble Approach

We will always show respect to our host communities

Managing Expectations

We will never commit to more than we can deliver and always manage expectations


We will always be honest and open with our volunteers and colleagues

Making An Impact

We carefully plan project work so that volunteers really can make a difference

“Our Community Development Pledge shows who we are as a company and the ethos behind our work. Meaningful partnerships with community leaders allow us to focus our work, providing help where it is most needed and ensuring that we have only a positive impact on the local area.”

Dan Mew - African Adventures Director

Environmental Responsibility

At African Adventures, we are committed to protecting the environment and will be investing more resources to help combat climate change as we grow. It is important that our work does not have a negative impact on the world around us; after all, our primary objective as an organisation is to improve the lives of our volunteers in the UK and our host communities in Africa.

Every organisation and individual has a carbon footprint. Even with the most determined efforts to cut emissions at source, we are all still responsible for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere, the sheer volume of which is causing global climate change.

We can choose to ignore this or we can choose to take responsibility. One way of doing so is to ensure that an equivalent amount of carbon is absorbed elsewhere. African Adventures is choosing to take responsibility. We have a duty to operate in a way that protects the environment and that is why our first step towards operating at carbon neutral is to offer you, our volunteers, an opportunity to play your part by offsetting your carbon emissions.

All you need to do is use the calculator below to work out what amount you need to contribute to offset the emissions from your flight to Africa. Once you have paid this amount, you can be happy in the knowledge that you have addressed any potential negative effects resulting from your trip to Africa.

Responsible Tourism - ClimateCare Carbon Offsetting

Responsible Tourism - A climate aware company