Boost Your Ofsted Rating

Boost your Ofsted rating with our free Personal Development resource.

Ofsted’s latest Education Inspection Framework includes the personal development of students as a new area for inspection.

Ofsted states that schools should create a curriculum which goes beyond the academic and promotes students’ broader development by helping them build the cultural capital, resilience, confidence, and independence they need to succeed in life. 

So, how can you build a curriculum that helps your students grow into mature, responsible and conscientious global citizens?

In our free resource, you’ll learn: 

  • What Ofsted inspectors are looking for in terms of personal development
  • How extra-curricular activities can help you hit Ofsted’s requirements
  • Why learning outside the classroom is crucial for personal development
  • How other schools have achieved an Outstanding grade for personal development
  • How our school trips can help you meet Ofsted’s criteria