Rams In Kenya – Seventh Successful Trip

Dan Mew

The summer programme has kicked off to a fantastic start with Derby County Community Trust travelling to Kenya for their seventh annual trip, volunteering at our partner projects in Nakuru.

This year, they travelled with their largest team which was 73 members strong and it was their first time supporting Cherish and Mama Kerry projects.


Building the foundations at Cherish

Volunteers began construction work of two new classrooms and provided food supplies for the project’s feeding programme to cater for 109 children over two months.

A block of seven toilets was also funded and work also began on a new water tank that will allow children to wash their hands properly after use.

 Volunteering Cherish

A new library and renovations at Jubilee

A new secure library has been built with enlarged windows to ensure optimum light can filter through, creating a more comfortable learning environment. All existing classrooms and the kitchen have been repainted. whilst all existing classrooms and the kitchen were repainted. As well as this, foundations were dug for five new classrooms and books were supplied for all six of the year groups.

 Volunteering in Kenya

A water tank for Mama Kerry

The new school has been running at the new site now for six months and some wonderful progress has been made.

Running water was installed at Mama Kerry and guttering was fitted to a recently built classroom connected to the water tank. (Thank you to funding from Riverside School in Loughborough.


Completed classrooms and strengthened gate at Ungana

The classroom that The Rams started working on during their last trip has now been completed and the school gates have been repaired and painted and given stronger locks.

Two of the classrooms were kitted out with guttering, with the pipes feeding into a 500-litre tank.

Now the Derby County Community Trust team have returned from Kenya, they will continue their ongoing support of our partner projects throughout the year as they fundraise for the next trip and recruit more volunteers. If you’re interested in signing up, find out more here.