Working in Partnership

Our partner projects are community-based organisations which operate independently from African Adventures. We don’t run them, and we never will. The reason for this is simple; the local project leaders know the projects inside out and far better than we do. Our partner projects are mostly schools, although we also support a birthing clinic in Ghana. We provide financial and volunteer support to schools because we believe that education is by far the most effective way to improve opportunities for young people and help alleviate long-term poverty.

Projects provide us with a clear direction for their own development. We respond to their needs in the most effective way possible, by providing volunteers, capital and resources for sustained and manageable growth. We encourage and support innovation, enterprise and sustainability at the projects. Micro-finance initiatives (small local enterprises) help to make projects sustainable and provide local community members with valuable employment skills. We don’t just talk the talk; we ensure that each project benefits year on year from volunteering. Find out more about our tangible impact here.

The Walk Centre

Our partnership with The Walk Centre in Kenya epitomises our approach to sustainable development and working as a team with the local staff to ensure the best outcome for the projects. The Walk Centre now comprises a pre-primary and primary school located in Nakuru, and was initially set up in 2005. The schools educate 230 children between the ages of 4 and 14 years. The following video shows the incredible progress made at The Walk Centre and the reciprocal benefits for all involved.

Eric Mwangi

I first attended The Walk Centre in 2005 and, thanks to Alex and Patricia, I received a full education. I now study Community Development at Laikipia University. They have given me a life.

Eric Mwangi - former student