Project Partnership

Providing meaningful support to developing community projects in Africa

Our partner projects are community-based organisations which operate independently from African Adventures. We don’t run them, and we never will. We work in collaboration with these projects to help them grow, develop, and provide the best support to their local communities.

Our partner projects are mostly schools, although we also support a birthing clinic in Ghana. We provide financial and volunteer support to schools because we believe that education is by far the most effective way to improve opportunities for young people and help to alleviate long-term poverty.

We encourage and support innovation, enterprise and sustainability at the projects. Micro-finance initiatives (small local enterprises) help to make projects sustainable and provide local community members with valuable employment skills. It is in the interest of everyone to reduce reliance on grants and donations.

Community projects

Serving developing local communities

Independently Run

Partnership, not ownership

Ever-Growing Outreach

25 projects, supporting 20,000 people

Our Project-led Philosophy

African Adventures maintains a project-led philosophy

Our partner projects are run totally autonomously. The reason for this is simple; the local project leaders know the projects inside out and far better than we do. This model of partnership is epitomised by our relationship with The Walk Centre.

Projects provide us with a clear direction for their own development. We respond to their needs in the most effective way possible, by providing volunteers, capital and resources for sustained and manageable growth. We always do our best to be flexible and adaptable.

We don’t just talk the talk; we ensure that each project benefits year on year from volunteering. Find out more about our tangible impact here.

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Our Community Development Pledge

Our commitment to always put our partner projects first

Project Focused

We always put our partner projects first.

Responsible Operations

We only partner with projects run by local people.


We carefully plan project work so that volunteers instigate real change.

Managing Expectations

We don’t commit to more than we can deliver.


We will always be adaptable to help best serve the projects.

African Adventures Siva Vordzorgbe

“There has been a big difference felt in the community here and we are very much looking forward to seeing the impacts our volunteers will make in 2018. With your help, we can continue to make an impact on the lives of disadvantaged communities here in Ghana.”

Siva Vordzorgbe, Ghana Director
Alex Freeman

“I left Ghana feeling that we had developed a real understanding of the issues facing a developing sub-Saharan country, how they affect people and how they can be tackled in a sustainable fashion.”

Alex Freeman, Ghana volunteer in 2016
Alex Maina - East Africa Director

“African Adventures volunteers have really helped a lot. They are mainly involved in community activities, becoming assistant teachers easing classroom overcrowding. They also work in sports, providing sports equipment and exposing children to more sports activities. Volunteers also work in building and construction roles, such as building classrooms and painting.”

Alex Maina, East-Africa Director