Permanent Classrooms in Kenya

We’re working with our partner schools in Kenya to upgrade all classrooms to permanent, brick-built structures.

In 2019, a primary school in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi collapsed, tragically killing seven children and injuring dozens more.

At the time, it was reported that the two-storey building was constructed from timber and iron sheets, with a concrete floor separating the two levels. It was also reported that the school did not have permission to build the first floor, and it is very unlikely that permission to build the second storey, using those materials, would have ever been granted.

The incident understandably caused widespread public anger at the poor standards in some schools across the country, which intensified pressure on the government to act. In response, the Ministry of Education launched a nationwide campaign of school inspections to ensure that all schools eventually have permanent classrooms in Kenya.


Permanent classrooms in Kenya for our partner schools.

Government inspectors visited all our partner schools in Kenya in the autumn of 2019. Each was deemed safe and fit for purpose, but the Education Ministry stated that all classrooms must be upgraded from temporary structures into permanent, brick-built buildings. 

Unfortunately, the Kenyan government has offered no funding to help achieve this, leaving our partner schools reliant on external donors to fund these major infrastructure upgrades.

Across our Kenyan partner schools, a total of 15 classrooms still need upgrading into permanent, brick-built structures, at a cost of £3,500 – £4,000 per classroom. 

Completing these upgrades is vitally important to ensure that all Kenyan children are safe at school, and that the incident in Nairobi is never allowed to happen again.

Our approach to this challenge:


African Adventures and African Adventures Foundation are busy raising the funds needed to complete these upgrades.

Working Collaboratively

We’ll work with our partner schools to plan and carry out the construction work.


Volunteers will play a vital role in helping complete the necessary upgrades to permanent classrooms in Kenya.

project timeline

Oct 2019
School inspections carried out
Nov 2019
Fundraising gets underway, and building starts immediately
Jan 2020
Seven new classrooms built
March 2020
Project paused due to Coronavirus pandemic
Summer 2021
Fundraising continues and building recommences
Summer 2022
Classrooms built at Ungana and Cherish.
Aim to have all classrooms upgraded

the impact

"This will be the biggest project African Adventures has ever taken on, but it will secure the future of the schools we support, and the kids they teach."

Alex Maina Muhoro
East Africa Programme Director

classrooms in need of upgrading
£ 50000
estimated cost of the upgrades
children will benefit from the upgrades