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Our partner projects are community-based organisations which run independently from African Adventures. We don’t own them, and we never will. The reason for this is simple: the local project leaders know the projects and their communities far better than we ever could.

Our partner projects are mostly schools, although we also support a birthing clinic in Ghana. We provide financial and volunteer support to schools because we believe education is by far the most effective way to improve opportunities for young people and alleviate long-term poverty.

We focus our efforts on improving the school environment and helping more children attend school, and we do this by renovating existing classrooms, building new ones, funding resources, and providing teaching support.

The Project Co-ordinators guide us in the support they need, and we listen and respond to this by providing volunteers, financial investment and vital resources for sustained and manageable growth.

We also support enterprise at our partner projects. The projects have lots of outgoings, ranging from utility bills and feeding programmes, to staff salaries and stationery. Unlike government schools, the schools we work with have the freedom to set up their own micro-finance initiatives that generate money to cover their running costs, thereby removing long-term reliance on external donors. This enables them to make their own choices and improve the services they provide.

Find out more about our partner projects’ previous, ongoing and future development goals below, or get in touch and help us do something amazing.

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