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Steph's travel story
Travel Tales – Steph’s Story

This month's Travel Tale is by Steph, our Senior Trip Coordinator. Steph reminisces about her experiences in each of our destinations. Read her travel story below...

UN Goals Part Three
UN Goals Uncovered: Part Three

In the final part of our series on the UN Goals, we take a look at how we are advancing three more Goals at our partner projects in Africa.

Brick by Brick has begun. Here, volunteers dance with the Dedzidi students.
Brick by Brick has begun!

Brick by Brick has begun! Our latest campaign, which aims to raise money for Dedzidi Community School in Ghana launched earlier this week.

Children sit amongst plastic waste at a dumpsite in Nakuru.
Plastic Problems: Minimising your impact whilst travelling

There are steps you can take to minimise the impact you have on the environment whilst out on your trip, by choosing plastic-free alternatives...

Rosie in Kenya
Travel Tales – Rosie Roams Kenya

For this month's Travel Tale, our Marketing Officer, Rosie, writes about her trip to Kenya, where she witnessed the work she writes about every day in action! Read her story below..

African Adventures is a signatory to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.
UN Goals Uncovered: Part Two

In a previous post, we discussed three of the 17 UN goals, and how the business and services that we provide aligns with them. In this blog, we’ll be looking into some of the other UN goals, and how we action them at our partner projects and with our volunteers.

Flamingos on Lake Nakuru
Nakuru Nature Knowledge

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down on some of the furry, scaly, and feathered residents you could meet at Lake Nakuru.

African Adventures is a signatory to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.
UN Goals Uncovered: Part One

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a ‘blueprint’ to resolve global issues. The goals have since grown to encompass 17 initiatives which uphold and promote the UNGC's 10 universally accepted principles.

Survey competition
Complete your post-trip survey for a chance to win £50!

African Adventures is giving returning volunteers the chance to win £50 in our latest competition. All volunteers on our Summer programme a chance to win!

A sponsored swim is a great summer fundraising activity
Summer Fundraising – a Six-Week-Saving-Calendar

The sunshine illuminates opportunities to start your summer fundraising for the YDP. We’ve created a calendar to ‘turn up the heat’ on your donations. Puns fully intended.

We interviewed Dave Hadfield after his return from Kenya with the DCCT
Dave discovers Kenya with DCCT

We spoke to Dave Hadfield, following his return from Kenya with the Derby County Community Trust.

Humanitarianism – a ‘how-to’ guide

In a time of political instability, increasingly dire warnings about climate change, and the ever increasing price of Freddos, it’s all too easy to feel slightly cynical at the state of the world. Volunteering can be a ‘metaphorical light in the darkness’ (pardon the dramatics). Not only does it give you the chance to do...

Derby County Community Trust have a profound impact

Derby County Community Trust recently returned from their eighth trip to Kenya with African Adventures. With volunteers across 5 projects, find out what they got up in our latest blog.

10-Year Anniversary Dinner – £10,000 in grants ready

Our 10-Year Anniversary Dinner  was a great success, with almost £10,000 raised for The Foundation. The grants have been finalised, and we are delighted to now share details.

Luke, Hayley, Harry and Oliver
A family trip with a difference

Derby County Community Trust have recently returned from their eighth trip. This year, the Rams in Kenya group was joined by even more of the Newman famliy. We spoke to them about why they chose this instead of a conventional family holiday.

Youth Development Programme
Why get involved in African Adventures’ Youth Development Programme?

We are so excited to have recently launched the Youth Development Programme (YDP) for 16-19 year olds, and initial interest has been extremely positive! In this blog, we explore the benefits of the programme, and find out why you might like to book your place. From meeting new friends and learning about a new culture,...

No Girls Left Behind
Tiverton High School leaves no girls behind in Kenya

Two years ago, Tiverton High School took a small donation of bras to Kenya, and saw the impact this had. For their second trip, Tiverton have gone one step further.

Tanzania bans plastic bags
Tanzania bans plastic bags

In a move that may affect anyone about to undertake volunteering in Zanzibar, the Tanzanian government have announced that, from 1st June 2019, all visitors entering the country will be banned from bringing in plastic bags.

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Life is busy. So, what does being a global citizen mean? Do you take the time to think about the lives of people in other countries, or how your life choices might impact theirs?

Great Expectations for Young and Old on First Kenya Experience

This Saturday, Derby County Community Trust embark on their eighth trip to Kenya! There are some exciting additions to the group this year, most notably eight-year-old twins Harry and Oliver and 67-year-old, Dave Hadfield.

10 facts about Zanzibar - Island Tour
10 things you maybe don’t know about Zanzibar

Ever wanted to visit Zanzibar? Here are 10 amazing facts that will make you want to grab your passport and go!

Productive Easter Programme in Kenya

April was a productive month for many of our partner projects in Kenya, thanks to the work of the volunteers on our Easter programme.

Volunteers make bricks
Ghana proved to be a popular destination with our Easter volunteers!

Find out what our volunteers got up to during the Easter Programme in Ghana.

Opportunities for NCS graduates
10 reasons why an African Adventure is the perfect opportunity for your NCS graduates

Find out why a volunteering trip with African Adventures is the perfect NCS graduate opportunity, helping you to maintain engagement with your young people.