Monika Farkas

In my role as a Groups Manager I am responsible for the organisation of the trips from the booking process until our volunteers return. I make sure that our volunteers are well-informed before they go and that I deliver a pre-departure presentation that gives them enough information to have the best experience possible on their trip.

I joined the African Adventures team in August 2015 and since then I have been fortunate enough to visit both Ghana and Kenya and learn more about our partner projects, visiting the schools we work with and see the impacts of our work from first hand. It is very important to know that I work for an organisation that really helps communities and projects in need and that my day to day work contributes to a bigger picture.

Volunteering has always played an important part in my life since I took part in a European project as a volunteer in Italy. I can truly understand the importance of volunteering and its positive effects it can have on both the community and the volunteers themselves, and I can only recommend it to everyone to try an experience like this! Becoming more conscious about the environment is an important issue for me in my everyday life and it is so good to see that African Adventures also cares about values like this, and we come up with different solutions such as becoming an eco-friendly office, providing water bottles to our volunteers, aiming to carbon offsetting or committing to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In my free time I love traveling, and getting to know different cultures, learning new languages and being outside, going for a walk, doing yoga. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to travel a lot outside of Europe to beautiful countries, such as India, Nepal and various countries in Africa. And the list never ends!