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Little Roses is a private primary and junior secondary school in Anloga, Ghana. The school educates approximately 200 children between the ages of seven and 16.

Although Little Roses is privately run, the school is severely underfunded. In some classrooms, there are not enough desks for the students, so children have to sit on the floor. There is also a significant lack of basic equipment such as textbooks, which can be challenging for the teachers.

Little Roses is located in Ghana’s rural Volta region, where poverty is prevalent. The main industries are agriculture and fishing, and it is common for children to work alongside their families to bring in an income, instead of attending school. Schools such as Little Roses are trying to encourage more children to start school earlier and stay in education longer.

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How your partnership works

We’re so excited to welcome you on board as a partner school – and we hope you’re excited, too!

We’ll facilitate half-termly exchanges of pen pal letters between your students and those at Little Roses, and bring you the latest news from your partner school.

On this page, you’ll also find educational resources, fundraising inspiration and an image gallery to help your students learn about life at your partner school and education around the world.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the contact details for our Partnerships Managers – feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


Assembly presentation

Downloadable slides to introduce your partner school to your students

Day in the Life

Learn about a typical day in the life of a student at your partner school

Sponsorship Form

An easy-to-use sponsorship form to help you fundraise


Little Roses School's Aims

Upgrade Classrooms

Transform all classrooms into permanent, brick-built structures

Purchase Projector

And a projector screen, to be used in classrooms

Install Electricity

To enable the students to use computers during lessons


Whilst fundraising for your partner school is by no means a compulsory part of your School Partnership, any amount your school raises will help Little Roses reach their goals sooner. 

Below, you’ll find three simple ideas that other partner schools have used to fundraise – or feel free to come up with your own! Feel free to get in touch if you need any additional resources.

Non-Uniform Day

Ask students to donate £2 in return for wearing non-uniform to school, and you'll quickly see the pounds add up!

Cycle to Ghana

Get a team together to cycle the distance to your partner school, and ask people to sponsor your efforts.

Hold a Ghana Day

Hold a Ghana day at your school! Sell Ghanaian food, auction off raffle prizes, or put on a cultural performance.

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