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Little Roses School, Ghana

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This page is your one-stop shop for everything related to your school partnership. Here you can download resources such as letters from your partner school, half-termly updates, and work produced by the students in Ghana. You can also learn about your partner school’s aims for the future, and how you can fundraise as a school to help them reach their goals.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the contact details for your School Partnership Co-ordinator, as well as some information about your partner school’s Headteacher – please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Little Roses is a private primary and junior secondary school in the coastal town of Anloga in Ghana’s rural Volta region. The school educates approximately 200 children between the ages of seven and 16. There are eight classrooms at Little Roses and, on average, 25 students per class.

In the Volta region, the main industries are agriculture and fishing, and many children work alongside their parents to bring in an income instead of receiving an education. Community projects such as Little Roses aim to encourage more children to start school earlier and stay in education longer.

On completion of junior secondary school, students at Little Roses take exams to receive their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).


Download letters, half-termly updates, and more

Don’t worry if this section looks a little empty – your partnership has only just begun! We’ll be adding more resources as your partnership grows. If you would like a PowerPoint version of your partner school’s presentation, please email your School Partnership Co-ordinator.

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What Little Roses is working towards

Little Roses' future goals
Install piped water supply

To provide clean water for drinking, cooking and washing

Install electricity

To improve the learning environment at the school

Provide computers and library books

To enhance the school’s learning resources


Fundraise for Little Roses

Any amount you fundraise will help Little Roses reach their goals sooner.

Because African Adventures Ltd. covers any costs associated with running our charity, African Adventures Foundation, 100% of the money you raise will go directly to your partner school.

Below, you’ll find three simple fundraising ideas, but feel free to get creative and think of your own!

Run a 'Ghana Day'

Organise a day to celebrate all things Ghanaian at your school, with food, drinks, music, dancing, arts and crafts…the possibilities are endless. Head to the Resources section to download a ‘How to Hold a Ghana Day’ pack, and start planning!

Hold a non-school uniform day

Ask students to donate £1 or £2 in return for wearing their own clothes for the day, and you’ll quickly raise a large amount of money! You could even theme your non-school uniform day by asking everyone to wear the colours of the Ghanaian flag.

Cycle the distance to Ghana

Recruit a team of students and teachers to cycle the distance from your school to Ghana! Divide the distance up and complete your individual cycles over a period of weeks or months. Collect sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues, and watch the pounds add up!

Get in touch

Will NewboltPartnerships Manager


02381 780957

Project Leader

Joseph GakpetorHeadteacher of Little Roses School

Mr Gakpetor is supported at Little Roses School by a team of 12 teaching staff.

Get in touch

Louise RamsdalePartnerships Manager


02381 780957