Volunteer in Kenya and discover a country of contrasts - stunning scenery, spectacular wildlife, and a thriving tourism industry, but persistent levels of poverty

We work in Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city, where small-scale agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the main industries. In the communities where we focus our work, the cost of an education is out of reach for many, so we work with schools that have been set up by local people to give children the chance of a better future.


Kenya is located in East Africa. Nakuru, where our partner projects are located, is Kenya’s fourth-largest city, with a population of over 300,000 people. Lake Nakuru National Park sits just south of the city.

Why Kenya?

Kenya is a fascinating destination, with a diverse culture, friendly people and rich history. Despite its reputation as the economic hub of East Africa, however, 45% of the population live below the poverty line, surviving on 80p per day.

In a Nutshell

With bustling urban centres and a diverse landscape of wide savannahs, serene lakes and the second-highest mountain in Africa, volunteers in Kenya will discover a fascinating country of remarkable contrasts.

Did you know?

The Great Rift Valley, where our partner schools are based, is home to Africa’s second-highest mountain, Mount Kenya. Kenya is actually named after the mountain, rather than the other way around!

Did you know that English is one of Kenya’s official languages?

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Kenya at a Glance

The Volunteer Roles

Teaching & Sports Coaching

We work with 14 schools in Nakuru, 10 of which receive no government funding at all. All of the schools are based in low-income areas where a government education, despite being free at the point of entry, is unaffordable overall because students have to pay for their own school books, uniform and desk. The schools we work with therefore give the poorest children access to a full nursery and primary education. Our partner schools desperately need funding and volunteer support, and this is where you can help.

Building & Renovation in Kenya

The schools we support in Kenya are in desperate need of improved facilities to accommodate the growing number of students. Many classrooms are mud or iron-cast sheet structures which don’t allow a lot of light in, meaning that students at the back of the class struggle to see what the teacher is doing. Our building programme focuses on school redevelopment or, if necessary, new development. Volunteers are crucial to help bring this work to life.

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