Water & Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) Programme, Zanzibar



The Challenge

The total student population at the three schools we support in Zanzibar is 16,051. The schools are so overcrowded that each operates a morning school for half their students, and an afternoon school for the other half. This significantly reduces teaching time and the overall quality of education. Unfortunately, the challenges at the three schools run deeper still. One school has just 10 latrine (‘long-drop’) toilets for its pupils, another has eight and the third has no working toilets – a total of 18 latrines for 16,051, plus staff.

This leads to poor hygiene practices and an increase in absence due to sickness.

In addition, girls’ attendance is around 20% lower than boys’ attendance, due to a lack of education and facilities regarding menstrual health. According to the UN, just 30% of girls in Zanzibar have any understanding of menstrual health at the point of puberty. This results in many girls staying off school for the week because they are unsure how to manage their menstrual cycle, significantly impacting their long-term education and subsequent opportunities.

‘Not Just a WASHroom’

African Adventures and African Adventures Foundation have teamed up to launch an innovative WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) programme called ‘Not Just a WASHroom’. The two-year project aims to provide increased and equal opportunities for all girls and boys at the three schools we support by delivering an education programme alongside a comprehensive construction project.

The construction project will result in piped water installation, 31 gendered latrine toilets and 12 handwashing stations built across the three schools.

The education programme will last a further 12 months, and see personal hygiene workshops and menstrual health management workshops for both boys and girls delivered at the three schools.

Through a combination of better facilities and positive behavioural change, the project should ensure that each school enjoys better student attendance, and higher academic attainment.


How We're Doing It
Stakeholder Engagement

We consulted with teachers, parents and school leaders to understand the challenges and behaviours in school.


We are busy raising funds through donors and grant-giving organisations.


The stakeholders we included at the start of the project are now driving the project.

THE impact


Total number of children benefitting from the programme


Percentage of girls who understand menstrual health in Zanzibar (UN)

67850Cost of Project in GBP

The total cost of the programme in three schools

This project has the power to change this community. For too long, girls have missed a lot of education, and it puts them at a disadvantage. This WASH programme will give them the dignity and opportunities they deserve.

          Samson Zuberi, African Adventures’ Co-ordinator, Zanzibar

Samson Zuberi - Zanzibar Co-ordinator

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