WASH programme, Zanzibar

We're working on a transformative Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project that will change the lives of thousands of young people at our partner schools in Zanzibar.

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Not just a WASHroom.

‘Not Just a WASHroom’ is an innovative two-year project which aims to provide increased and equal opportunities for girls and boys at the three schools we support by delivering an education programme alongside a comprehensive construction project.

The construction project will see piped water installed, as well as 48 gendered latrine toilets, 15 handwashing stations and three privacy rooms built across our three schools to improve personal hygiene and give girls a private space in which to manage their menstruation. The education programme will see personal hygiene and menstrual health workshops delivered for both boys and girls.

Through a combination of better facilities and positive behavioural change, the project should ensure that each school enjoys better student attendance and higher academic attainment.

The impact so far

Before our WASH project, our partner schools had 14 working toilets for 16,051 students, plus staff. Girls’ attendance was around 20% lower than boys’ due to a lack of education and facilities for managing menstruation.


Since our WASH project began, we’ve constructed new latrines, handwashing stations and a privacy room at Fuoni School, which are now being used by students and staff. We’ve also started delivering personal hygiene and menstrual health management workshops to the students, and some of the teachers have received training on how to make reusable sanitary pads, with funds provided so that Fuoni can buy the fabric needed to make more. Staff at the school have already reported increased attendance and positive behavioural changes amongst both boys and girls.


The next phase of the project has begun at Kijito Upele School, where new toilets and handwashing stations are currently under construction.


Our approach to this challenge:

Stakeholder Engagement

We consulted with teachers, parents and school leaders to understand the challenges and behaviours in school.


We are busy raising funds through donors and grant-giving organisations.


The stakeholders we included at the inception of the initiative are now driving the project.

project timeline

Nov 2019
Jan 2020
Spring 2020
Spring 2021
Summer 2022
Spring 2023

the impact

"This project has the power to change this community. For too long, girls have missed a lot of education, and it puts them at a disadvantage. This WASH programme will give them the dignity and opportunities they deserve."

Samson Zuberi
African Adventures’ Co-ordinator, Zanzibar

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