Running water and new toilets at our partner projects

Dan Mew

This year we have seen promising developments at our partner projects with the installation of new toilets and running water. With these improvements come undoubted health benefits to the children attending these schools.

Pictured below, lower primary children washing their hands at The Walk Centre in Kenya.

Hand basin Walk Centre

The Walk Centre now has flushing toilets, which means they can be kept clean and there is a basin with several taps for the children to wash their hands afterwards, as well as before and after meal times.

Pictured below, students from Harrow School constructing a new toilet block at Love For All project in Kenya.

Seth and Jamie constructing toilet block

Earlier this year, Love For All project, which is situated in a deprived community of Rhonda, Nakuru, was threatened with closure if the toilet and sanitation provisions were not improved. Given that our partner projects in Kenya are non-government funded, this can be a challenge for our Project Co-ordinators, who strive so hard to do the best for these schools and the children who come to learn here.

However, with thanks to assistance from African Adventures’ volunteers and the African Adventures Foundation, Love For All has come far since the summer. New urinal (in the ground) toilets have been installed along with septic tanks and the school site also has water tanks so the children have access to running water. Most impressively, Love For All project is the first in the local community to have a toilet system of this kind put in place which has given other schools in the area inspiration to follow in its footsteps.  

We look forward to sharing with you further developments of this nature across more of our partner projects in Africa throughout our 2016 Community Development Pledge.