African Adventures is an award-winning volunteer travel company that works with 25 community projects in developing areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. We support these projects with the resources they need in order to grow, whilst organising the trips from start to finish for our volunteers.

This means that we take on the dual role of tour operator and development agency, providing a high-quality service to our volunteers, who make everything happen, whilst working closely with each partner project to develop the outreach services they offer in Africa.

Volunteers have travelled to Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar since 2009
Children in Africa have access to an education with our support
Raised by African Adventures Foundation since 2013

Large Group Trips

“African Adventures and the Foundation help to support our project’s feeding programme. With their help, the burden of feeding the children each day is lighter. Thank you African Adventures, volunteers and the Foundation for your support.”

Susan Odeny, Project Founder - Jubilee Academy

“African Adventures provided a carefully tailored package which was flexible, amendable, economical, interactive and ideally suited to help every participant meet their group and individual objectives. On previous trips with other providers, activities were pre-packaged and were never personalised to meet the specific needs of the participating schools. Fortunately I discovered African Adventures!”

Andrew Scott, Group Leader - Burnt Mill Academy

“I have enjoyed every moment. I have seen what a big difference we can make in just a week. I have learned a lot about the culture and seen some amazing things. My memories from this trip will last a lifetime. Thank you African Adventures and Siva for providing the opportunity for this great experience.”

Abi Richardson, Hartlepool Sixth Form College

“As a teacher, choosing the right trip for students is a daunting task. I am glad to say we definitely made the right choice. The warmth of the people and the meaningful projects in Ghana have made it one of the most memorable adventures of mine and my students’ lives.”

Adam Waller, Group Leader, Zion School

“This trip was one of the very few life experiences through which my outlook on the world has been entirely and permanently changed. I found it satisfying yet also very poignant that such small contributions can have such a profound impact on people’s lives. It was great working with such happy and enthusiastic children and I look forward to doing a similar trip in the future. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Seth Liebowitz, Volunteered In July 2015 With Harrow School

Volunteering in Africa changes lives

AFRICAN ADVENTURES is proud to provide meaningful volunteer experiences, for people from all around the UK, with our partner projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. We organise cost-effective trips, with comprehensive packages, where people can volunteer in Africa and experience a whole new culture. We offer a range of volunteering trips for schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, families and charities and we do everything we can to provide you with the worthwhile experience you are looking for.

What sets us apart from other group expedition providers and travel companies, is our absolute commitment to our partner projects and our firm belief that volunteering is a two-way street which greatly benefits not only the children in Africa but you too. We ensure that you can make a tangible difference to the communities that you work in and we are confident that you will return from your volunteering experience a different person. We are accredited by reputable travel bodies (see Trusted and Experienced) and we follow Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) advice at all times;

Contact us about a volunteer expedition today to find out how you can volunteer in Africa and make a difference, and we can start planning a life-changing trip for you!