In Ghana you'll find a vibrant, beautiful country with friendly people, stunning landscapes and miles of unspoilt beaches.

Dancing and drumming are central to the way of life, so you’re never far away from a beating drum. We’re based in the rural Volta region, where the main industries are agriculture and fishing, and there is a proud West African heritage that you can’t help but fall in love with. Volunteer in Ghana and immerse yourself in their culture.


Nestled between Togo and Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana is located on the coast of West Africa. It's almost exactly the same size as the UK but has a population of 31 million.

Why Ghana?

Ghana has a proud heritage, and you'll discover a fascinating culture when you visit. Until recently, it was one of the quickest growing economies in the world, but many rural communities still live in poverty.

In a Nutshell

One of the most vibrant, historic countries in West Africa, Ghana offers volunteers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating new culture away from any tourists.

Did you know?

Ghana's national flag carries meaning: the red represents the blood shed in the fight for independence, the gold represents the country's mineral wealth, and the green represents its rich forests. The black star signifies African Freedom.

Did you know there are over 250 dialects spoken in Ghana!

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Ghana at a Glance

The Volunteer Roles

You can choose from two roles when you volunteer in Ghana

Teaching & Sports Coaching

We work with several schools in the coastal area of the Volta region. Whilst they are government-run schools, they are severely underfunded. In some classrooms, there are not enough desks for the number of students, so children have to sit on the floor. There is also a significant lack of basic equipment such as textbooks, which can be challenging for the teachers. The schools are in desperate need of funding and volunteer support, and this is where you can help if you volunteer in Ghana.

Building & Renovation in Ghana

The schools we support in Ghana are in desperate need of improved facilities to accommodate the growing number of students. Many buildings are old and tired, with holes in the roofs, and the floors are often filled with potholes, making it difficult for teachers to deliver safe, practical lessons. Our building programme focuses on school redevelopment or, if necessary, new development. Volunteer support is crucial to help bring this work to life.

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