Ghana proved to be a popular destination with our Easter volunteers!

Dan Mew

The Ghana team delivered their last group of volunteers to the airport in Accra last week, signalling the end of a hectic, but fulfilling, month of volunteering on the West coast of Africa over the Easter holidays.

Siva and his team welcomed our volunteers with open arms, with many of our partner schools directly benefitting from their help and support.

During the Easter programme, our volunteers were able to support nearly all of our partner projects in Ghana by assisting with teaching, and helping with construction and renovation work.

Aklorbordzi School were fortunate to receive teaching assistance from a group of PGCE students, who were able to enhance their own learning by experiencing what it is like to teach in another country. One of the volunteers, Amelia, said: “It was a fascinating experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.” Volunteers from other groups also had the chance to teach a variety of subjects at their projects, and spend time playing with the children, making heart-warming connections in the process.

As with most construction projects, bricks are essential! Many of our volunteers spent their time moulding bricks to be used in the construction of classrooms, perimeter fences, and other school buildings. A group of NCS graduates from Devon helped with the extension of the canteen at Dziedzorve School, whilst other groups moulded bricks to be used in new classrooms at their host projects. Our in-country staff were impressed by one group of volunteers who managed to mould 600 bricks for Shalom School’s new classroom. Oakley, one of the volunteers said: “The trip has made me more empathetic, and I have a love and zest for life”. Immy, another volunteer, added, “I would recommend this trip to anyone who is committed and up for a challenge. It was a life-changing and inspirational trip.”

Other construction work involved painting various school buildings, and Jide, one of our Ghana Trip Hosts, singled out a Hampshire college group  which completed some great work at Tegbi EP School. The group sanded down the walls of a six-unit classroom block and worked hard to complete the painting of the building before they returned home.

Away from volunteering, some of the groups experienced our Volta Adventure Weekend, giving them the chance to feed monkeys by hand at a protected sanctuary, and pose for pictures at Wli Falls – Ghana’s highest waterfall.

Other volunteer groups visited the historical Cape Coast Castle to learn more about the turbulent history of the slave trade, and to gain a better understanding of Ghana’s past. One of the volunteers, Matthew, said: “Ghana is truly a place with rich cultural heritage, and with such a strong welcome you can’t help but become immersed in it.”

It was also fantastic to see how the volunteers interacted with the local communities and our in-country staff. Some volunteers played volleyball during their evenings, and Burton Albion Community Trust couldn’t resist the challenge of playing against a local women’s team. The score finished 4-1 to Burton, who had our Ghana Director, Siva, in goal!

All of our groups enjoyed their end-of-trip celebrations, and our team in Ghana cannot wait to welcome you back in the future.


We also had lots of groups visit Kenya over the Easter period too! Find out how they got on in our blog next week.

If you took part in one of these trips, and have pictures or memories that you would like to share with us, you can contact us via our social media channels or by emailing