Fundraising Support

Make the most of fundraising for your African Adventure...

Fundraising can be lots of fun and is a fantastic tool to help you effectively prepare for your African Adventure. It is a great way to help finance your trip in manageable steps, whilst enabling you to utilise your talents and skills along the way.

A good way to get motivated is to set up your Fund My Travel page. This is a great way to start collecting donations from all your fundraising events and activities. It is also a good platform for sharing details of the worthwhile cause you are fundraising for and letting friends and family know what will be involved on your trip.

To help accelerate your fundraising, make sure to register with easyfundraising for an easy way to raise money with little effort, every time you shop online!

We love to hear about your fundraising plans, so get in touch via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will do our best to help promote your activities!

Fundraising could help you cover the cost of your volunteer trip to Africa. We think fundraising is a great tool as it allows our trips to be accessible to volunteers from all walks of life.

Fundraising Support

Fundraising Support

Fundraising Support

Fundraising Support

With the help of our fundraising support and ideas, many of our volunteers have managed to raise the entire amount needed for their trip, which is a fantastic achievement! Not only does fundraising assist financially, it is a great learning and development tool. Students, in particular, often gain confidence and a greater insight into the value of money through forward planning with spending and organising fundraising activities. Our staff have lots of experience in this area and are always on hand to provide fundraising support and ideas.

There is some great Online support which you can access to help you reach your fundraising target, and we would recommend that you look at our Fundraising Tools on My AA to break down your fundraising total and make it feel more achievable. Finally, why not get inspiration from those that have been there and done it in our Fundraiser spotlight?


Online support

Fundraising Support - Easyfundraising

Raise FREE funds for your trip with easyfundraising –

We’ve partnered with easyfundraising to give you an incredibly easy way to raise money for your trip by doing something you and your friends and family already do: shopping online!

Register your adventure via the link above and then, anytime you want to buy something, go to easyfundraising first and choose the shop you want (there are over 3000 to choose from including Amazon, eBay, ASOS or even Domino’s Pizza). Shop as normal and collect a free donation from the retailer towards your fees!

Encourage all your friends and family to do the same and raise valuable funds for your trip – individual challengers have raised almost 1m between them using easyfundraising. It’s quick, it’s easy and it doesn’t cost anyone a penny extra!

Get raising in 3 simple steps

  1. Register at – It’s really simple to do and only takes a few moments.
  2. Visit easyfundraising every time you shop online, then shop as normal by clicking out to a retailer’s site.
  3. Start collecting free funds, and encourage your friends and family to sign up to support you!

Top tip! When you register, make sure you give your cause a name that your friends and family can find easily e.g. African Adventure Zanzibar 2018 – John Smith

Sign up now

There is so much support available! We have a handy Get Raising guide to get you up and running, and a Quick Tips guide for collecting larger donations in the final few months before your trip. There are also a range of resources on your easyfundraising profile when you register – Including free phone coaching! Good luck!

Fund My Travel

Online support

Fundraising Support - Fund My Travel

If you are ready and excited to start planning your trip, and you want to attack your fundraising target head-on, African Adventures has a solution for you. We have teamed up with FundMyTravel, providing us with an online platform where you can fundraise for your meaningful travel experience. You create a campaign page, complete a brief profile and include a link to our website to build trust, add a video and tell your story!

FundMyTravel has a team of dedicated staff who want to help African Adventures participants reach their fundraising goals. They can provide tips and insights on the best ways to spread the word about your trip and offer sharing tools to get your campaign greater exposure through social media and email. Click the button below to learn more and get started!

Fundraising Support - Fund My Travel

Different ways to fundraise

There are many activities that you can do on your own to fundraise for your trip. A good way to kick this off is to think about your skills and qualities and apply them to your fundraising. For example, if you are a dog lover, why not offer to walk dogs in your local area, in return for cash? Or, if you are a good baker, why not make cakes and give slices out to people at work/school in return for donations towards your trip?

If you are part of a group trip, why not get your heads together and think of ways to fundraise as a team? Fundraising support like this is great! Not only can your group motivate each other and work together to reach the target set, but you will also get to know each other better ahead of your trip. Bag packing in supermarkets is a fruitful and popular way to raise money. Make sure you are smiley and chatty and can tell people all about the great work you will be doing! Or perhaps you could organise a quiz night or party together? You will be having fun whilst raising money!

Why not sell sponsorship space on your African Adventures t-shirt to help pay for your trip? You can wear your branded t-shirt for fundraising activities and during your trip to promote the great work that you are doing and the sponsorship support you have received.

We all have our little indulgences, whether it be new clothes, coffee and cake or trips to the cinema. Why not go without and instead save the money towards your trip? Not only will this help you appreciate the value of money, it will also give you the slightest insight into what it can be like to go without, like the children that we work with do. Why not put a little money away each month and also ask for money instead of presents for your birthday and Christmas for one year? Knowing that you have made special efforts to go on your trip will make it feel even more worthwhile and deserved.

Fundraiser Spotlight

Pedal power for ‘BACT In Ghana’ volunteers

The Burton Albion Community Trust team of volunteers has been getting active at Coopers Square Shopping Centre, cycling a duration of 8 hours to replicate the flight time from the UK to Ghana! With this and their recent community fundraising at Stretton Gala and Uttoxeter, the team is raring to go and the countdown is on. Well done, guys!

Tiverton duo fundraise for Kenya return

Emma and Tieshy from Tiverton are returning to Kenya for the second time next summer. The girls are full of determination and have organised several fundraising activities to help them on their way.

“We are lucky enough to be getting the chance to go again as mentors to the new Tiverton High School group and support them on their trip of a lifetime! We are more prepared as we have been before and feel we can help others get the most out of their trip and help the schools as much as possible.”

Mary hosts an entertaining evening for Kenya trip

Fundraising for KenyaMary will be volunteering this summer with Ulverston Victoria High School and earlier this year hosted an entertaining evening for St Patrick’s Day. It was a night filled with talented musicians, ceilidh dancing, and an Elvis impersonator. Guests were fed Irish stew and Mary gave a short speech about her upcoming volunteer work. The night raised an impressive £1385. Well done, Mary!