Fundraising for your African Adventure

Dan Mew

Getting prepared to embark on your African Adventure can be lots of fun. Fundraising is a brilliant way to help finance your trip and utilise your talents and skills along the way.

Bedminster Down School in the spotlight

Bedminster Down School volunteers are filled with enthusiasm for their trip to Kenya next summer. The team of students and teachers have been busy with various activities including summer fetes, sponsored runs, climbs and bike rides. The group communicate and support each other regularly to organise their fundraising and make the most of their events to bond as a team. Well done guys – keep it up!

Indoor climbing challenge

Fundraising for my African Adventure

Climbing Pen-y-fan (highest peak in Brecon Beacons) on Saturday 28th October, 2017
Fundraising for my African Adventure
If you would like to plan some ideas, here are some top tips to get you started:
  1. Put the ‘fun’ into fundraising! Create activities and events that you enjoy to maximise your fundraising potential.
  2. Be resourceful – talk to others who have been and done it beforehand for inspiration.
  3. Keep a positive mindset – motivation and determination are key to successful fundraising.
  4. Be knowledgable about your fundraising cause so that you can confidently communcation with prospective donors.
  5. Ask friends and family, as well as social groups you belong to, for support.
  6. Ask the friendly team at African Adventures for resources to assist you with fundraising, e.g. posters to display at events.
  7. Set out clear aims and objectives, using your Money Planner to assist you.
  8. Meet with your group on a regular basis to bond as a team and support one another.

With the festive season approaching, there are plenty of opportunities to get fundraising. We know you have got lots of brilliant ideas and activities going on so please do share your stories with us so that we can put you in the spotlight in future news.