Frankie Russ

African Adventures Frankie

As Communications Officer I aim to share the great work of African Adventures with as many people as possible. The element of my job I enjoy most is seeing the impact the volunteering experience has on our volunteers and sharing the inspirational stories from our partner projects.

Since first venturing to Africa in 2007 where I volunteered as a primary teacher in Malawi for three months, I have never looked back! With the added adventure of exploring Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia and Uganda to round off my trip I was inspired to continue my connection with Africa in some way and now, quite some time down the line, here I am. It is a privilege to work for an organisation that is dedicated to making a difference and being part of a passionate team across the UK, Kenya, Ghana and Zanzibar makes it all the more worthwhile. I also enjoy being involved in the African Adventures Foundation charity events and it is fantastic that 100% of donations goes directly to our partner community development projects in Africa.

I have a background in Tourism Management and have plenty of experience in customer facing roles so I like to utilise my skills in this way, being the first person to speak to our volunteers over the phone, by email and on our social media platforms. In July 2015, I went on my first familiarisation trip to Kenya with African Adventures where I got to know our wonderful in-country team in person and see the reality of the situation at our partner projects. It was fantastic to see everything coming together and see first-hand the co-ordination of our trips and how they run. Even though our volunteers come for a short period of time it really is eye-opening for them, they make a lasting impact at the projects and they come away having had a life-changing experience that helps shape their futures.

I love travelling and learning about new cultures, especially exploring countries in Africa and revisiting my favourite places where I have met some incredible people and friends. My dream is to involve Malawi in the African Adventures programme and one day I am sure it will be!