Micro-Finance Initiatives

African Adventures Foundation helps to fund micro-finance initiatives at our partner schools by providing the initial outlay needed to get these projects up and running.

The money generated through these initiatives is used to cover core running costs at our partner schools, including rent, staff salaries and feeding programmes, enabling the schools we support to become more self-sufficient. 

African Adventures first partnered with Chaddy Mission School, which is located in Nakuru, Kenya, in 2012. Since our partnership began, a number of micro-finance initiatives have been set up at the school to help cover its core running costs and promote self-sufficiency. 

In 2013, the school’s founder, Pastor Geoffrey Mbugua, was able to purchase a marquee and chairs which could be hired by local families and businesses for events. This helped generate an additional income for Chaddy Mission and reduced the school’s reliance on external donors.

Three years later, Chaddy Mission School was able to rent two small shops to further boost its income. These shops sold local produce and school uniforms to local families, and the profits were used to cover the school’s running costs, thereby ensuring that it could continue to provide a free education to disadvantaged children from the local area. 

Finally, in 2017, with the help of African Adventures’ volunteers, Chaddy Mission School’s hall was renovated to a standard that it could be used for functions and parties, as well as for school assemblies and exams. The school hall is available for hire to local families and businesses, bringing the total number of micro-finance initiatives at Chaddy Mission to three. 

In the future, we aim to introduce micro-finance initiatives in the form of souvenir shops at all of our partner schools in Kenya, to provide them with an additional source of income and increase their self-sufficiency.