Key Equipment

African Adventures Foundation provides funding for vital equipment for our partner schools, to help them operate safely and effectively.

The equipment can include everything from textbooks and exercise books, to cooking stoves and water tanks. The Foundation also organises one-off campaigns to help fund initiatives such as the vitally important food security programmes that many children at our partner schools rely on.

A key focus of our work since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has been funding the relevant equipment at our partner schools to enable them to keep operating as safely as possible and to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 for the staff and students who attend them by promoting good hygiene practices.

Since the beginning of 2020, our partner schools in Kenya have received funding for water tanks with taps for washing, so that students and staff can wash their hands in fresh, running water. We have also provided funding for safety equipment such as thermometers, hand sanitiser and face masks.

To help alleviate the economic pressures caused by the pandemic, the Foundation has provided funding to help cover key running costs such as buying textbooks and exercise books, rent, teachers’ salaries and utility bills.

The 10 schools we support in Ghana have also each received a Veronica bucket, funded by the Foundation, so that students and staff can hygienically wash their hands. These simple handwashing stations mean that staff and students can wash their hands under running water, rather than in a shared basin of water, which is only clean for the first person who uses it. We aim to provide funding for an additional one or two Veronica buckets for each of our partner schools in Ghana over the next few months.