One example of a major infrastructure initiative funded by the Foundation is the construction project currently in progress at Dedzidi Community School in Ghana.

Dedzidi Community School is a privately owned school set up in 1990 in the rural town of Woe in Ghana. The school provides an education for 430 students between the ages of two and 14, from nursery through to junior high school.

In 2014, Dedzidi’s headteacher, Elizabeth Alormatu, noticed a dramatic increase in the number of children wishing to attend the school. In the Volta region of Ghana, where Dedzidi School is located, agriculture and fishing form the backbone of the economy, and young children often work to bring in an income alongside their parents, instead of attending school.

Elizabeth was keen to meet this demand and extend the school’s outreach within the community, in order to give more children the opportunity to start school earlier and stay in education longer. To this end, Elizabeth wished to construct a new, brick-built, two-storey classroom block with eight classrooms. The project would also help to reduce overcrowding in lessons and improve the overall quality of education that Dedzidi School was able to offer to its students.

African Adventures Foundation and African Adventures began working with Dedzidi in the same year, to help realise Elizabeth’s ambition. So far, the Foundation has donated £28,000 to fund the build, and, thanks to the support of our volunteers, the ground floor of the block has already been completed, with four of the eight classrooms now in use. As a result, average class sizes at Dedzidi have reduced from 50 to 40 students, and it is hoped that this will further reduce once the remaining four classrooms have been finished. 

African Adventures Foundation is continuing to raise the funds needed to complete this key infrastructure initiative, and we are aiming to have completed the construction of the block by the year 2023.