Food Security Programmes

African Adventures Foundation funds vital food security programmes at our partner schools to enable them to provide nutritious meals for the children who attend them.

Our partner schools provide free, nutritious meals every day to children who might otherwise have to go without. For some children, the meal they receive at school might be the only food they eat each day. In fact, some of our partner schools were originally set up for this purpose alone, but have since been able to provide a free education alongside their food security programmes. When they’re able to, our partner schools also give parcels containing vital supplies to the families of their students. We provide funding to help cover the costs of these hugely important initiatives, which provide a lifeline for many families. 

West End Destiny Academy, Kenya

West End Destiny Academy in Nakuru runs a food security programme funded by African Adventures Foundation. Valentine Adisa set up the school in 2010 to help the less fortunate in her community, and West End Destiny Academy now provides a free education and daily, nutritious meal to around 120 children between the ages of two and 10.

African Adventures partnered with West End Destiny in 2018, and since then we have provided monthly funding to enable Valentine to include a free daily meal as part of the school day. 

You can support our partner schools’ food security programmes by giving regularly. We also run fundraising campaigns throughout the year – such as our Christmas Meal Appeal – to help fund this important part of our work.