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Africa is a beautiful and varied continent and its diversity is reflected in our host volunteer destinations.

Each of our volunteer destinations has varying socio-economic challenges but, crucially, each is in need of support, which is why we get involved and why we need volunteers. Importantly, we are selective in terms of our volunteer destinations. This means that we don’t commit to more than we can deliver, that we provide regular, long-term support to our partner projects, and that we give volunteers a valuable and enriching experience. We have formed strong relations in our host communities, meaning that the locals embrace our work and support. Whether you choose rural Ghana, urban Kenya or the spice island of Zanzibar, you will have the opportunity to make a real, lasting impact.

We follow Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) advice for all our destinations; http://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice


from £1,545
African Adventures Siva Vordzorgbe

“Wezu Ghana! We are situated in a very beautiful place but many people here suffer from poverty. I know how much volunteers help our projects but I also see how our people can educate volunteers because we can show you a different way of life. I promise you will have a warm welcome with lots of dancing, drumming and fun.”

Siva Vordzorgbe - Ghana Director


from £1,495
African Adventures Alex Maina

“My wife and I gave up teaching posts to establish The Walk Centre in April 2005, having decided to help children who live on the rubbish dump in Hilton Slum, Nakuru. We were shocked to see children scavenging on a dump just metres from our home and were determined to do something to help. I met Dan in 2007 and, since then, we have worked together to bring more and more volunteers to help. Now that we have been able to expand and help other centres, we are proud to see the children that started at The Walk Centre attending high school and beginning to embark on their adult lives.”

Alex Maina - East Africa Director


from £1,645
African Adventures Samson

“Karibu beautiful Zanzibar! I am so proud to welcome you to the island on which I was born, on behalf of African Adventures. People come from afar to experience some of the most expensive hotels here but, sadly, this wealth does not reach many of the people. In fact, it is a very different story and many people have tough lives here. Our island relies on tourism but the very fact you are coming as a volunteer means you will leave a lasting legacy on a beautiful corner of the Earth.”

Samson Zuberi - Zanzibar Co-ordinator

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