Day Six: Part two at Chaddy Mission School

Dan Mew

The girls got up early to visit the church next door to the hotel and experience a quick local service, then it was off to Chaddy Mission School again. After chatting to Geoffrey the day before, the group decided to paint the front gate at his request and they got stuck right in.

They didn’t have time to complete the painting as it was time for the school’s talent contest, something they seemed to take quite seriously! There were poems, songs, dancing, and even some comedy. There was a break for lunch and the girls once again helped to distribute the food to the children; the feeding programmes are at the heart of most of the projects in Kenya and the group made good friends with the wonderful kitchen staff at Chaddy.



After serving the meals to the children, and then getting around to feeding themselves, it was time to say goodbye to Chaddy and head back. Fred and Leah took us around some of the other projects in the area so the group could get a sense of the scale of our Kenya operation. We visited Jubilee Academy, Ronaken Academy and Mama Kerry before finishing the whistle stop tour at Love For All, where we have two solo volunteers helping with teaching and construction work. I think it really brought home the extent of the poverty in the area and the wonderful work that these projects do in providing food and primary education.