Day Seven: Farewell day at The Walk Centre

Dan Mew

Today was farewell day at The Walk Centre. I wasn’t expecting the school to be open but when you bear in mind that the projects are usually set up to a) keep the children off the dump site and b) make sure they get a good meal every day, it stands to reason that they would open their doors. Fred was telling us that usually there is only one teacher in on a Saturday, but because we were coming in a few more decided to come in too.

When we arrived, the students were in a lesson. There were no uniforms today so it was clearly a more informal day and it wasn’t long before we were all outside playing again. The usual, complicated mixture of skipping, clapping, football, paper airplanes and general playground activities ensued and the girls plus the two solo volunteers got stuck in.


As on previous days, there were breaks for porridge and lunch with the volunteers helping serve both before eating their own lunch.


After lunch, there was time for some more playing before the group was called to one side of the playground and all the children grouped together right in front of them. One of the teachers gave a lovely speech, thanking the group for their efforts over the three days they had been at the project. A few of the children also said their own thank-yous and then they all sang a few songs and said a prayer before it was time for us to leave. Lots of hugging took place and a few tears were shed before Fred shepherded us into the classroom to collect our stuff.

School Geography Challenge

Fred, Leah and the three teachers said some lovely things about the group, their efforts, and their attitudes before presenting the SGC winners with a lovely framed clock.

School Geography Challenge

One last set of photos in front of The Walk Centre sign and then it was off, first to the hotel to clean up and get our bags, and then across to Nairobi where we stayed overnight before our morning flight home.


School Geography Challenge

What a week!