Day Five: Volunteering at Chaddy Mission School

Dan Mew

Today, the group were based at Chaddy Mission School, which is the school they chose to work on in the SGC final back in March. For me, it was an incredibly different experience to volunteering at The Walk Centre; primarily because of the condensed nature of having a similar number of students in about a quarter of the space, particularly in the recreational area which is unpaved – it is so incredibly dusty!

The girls met Geoffrey, the Project Co-ordinator, and then were taken around the various classrooms to meet the staff and students. They then picked classrooms to teach in and spent the morning working with children of all ages; I even helped teach in a class of 6-year-olds – thankfully their teacher, Brigit, was incredible and bailed me out whenever I was struggling.

School Geography Challenge

They helped serve porridge, followed by lunch, and then, looking tired and dusty, they retired to the office for their own food and plenty of reflection. One of their teachers, Anne, had been chatting with Geoffrey and a few other teachers and working out how they could help and what they could do tomorrow. Then, having been boosted by some lunch, the girls took the leftovers next door to the teachers and went back out to teach a few more sessions.


They finished the day by teaching some of the older students some songs; they did this incredibly well given the long, hot, tiring day that they had had. I have no doubt they will be back again in the morning full of positive energy and proactivity!