The Walk Centre, Kenya

New Primary School Build, 2016-2018


The Walk Centre, based in Nakuru, Kenya, was set up in 2005 by Alex and Patricia Maina to provide an education to children whose parents could not afford to send them to school. The majority of children lived on the periphery of the town’s dumpsite in extreme poverty. Initially, the project taught English and maths to 60 children, and provided them with a free lunch. The project quickly became popular, and the school’s population increased to 110 students within 18 months.

In 2007, Alex and Patricia were given a bigger plot of land nearby where they could build more classrooms and enrol more children.

In 2009, African Adventures partnered with The Walk Centre. Volunteers from the UK travelled to Nakuru to help with the ongoing construction of the school, provide support with teaching in classrooms, and assist with the school’s support programmes.

The Walk Centre built more classrooms, new toilets, a kitchen, a staff room and even an IT suite over the next few years. By 2015, The Walk Centre was providing two free school meals a day and delivering a full nursery school curriculum to approximately 230 children between the ages of four and eight. By this time, it was even outperforming some local government schools.


Despite its success, the challenges faced by children in the local community remained stark. After graduating from The Walk Centre, students who could afford to go to primary school would enrol at the nearby government school, but the cost was prohibitive for many, meaning dozens of students dropped out of education at the age of eight.

Primary school education in Kenya is free at the point of entry, but students still have to pay for their own uniform, desk and exam fees. This makes receiving a full primary education unattainable for many local children.

In 2015, one of our long-standing partners, Chichester College, who has volunteered at The Walk Centre every year since 2012, said they wanted to help Alex and Patricia fulfil their dream of building a primary school that would enable them to offer all their nursery school students a full – and completely free – primary education. If achieved, and at full capacity, The Walk Centre could have 450 students enrolled.

We thought it was a fantastic idea, and worked with Chichester College to help raise the £82,000 required to build a 10-classroom, two-storey building opposite the nursery school classrooms.


How We Did It

African Adventures and Chichester College worked together to raise the funds needed


African Adventures and The Walk Centre managed the end-to-end construction project


Chichester College travelled to Kenya to help complete the project.

THE impact


The Walk Centre now has over 400 students, which is double the amount before the build!

12000meals provided monthly

The Walk Centre is now able to provide over 12,000 free meals per month to its students.

82000GBP raised

Together with Chichester College, we raised the vital funds needed to carry out the build.

“The construction of the new primary has been amazing. It has helped us to fulfil our dreams of giving a free education to the kids on the dumping site. There is hope for young people here. We thank you so much, Chichester College and African Adventures.”

Alex Maina, Founder of The Walk Centre


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