Zanzibar Team

Samwel Wawa Zanzibar Trip Host
Samwel Wawa

HI, I'M SAMWEL AND JOINED AFRICAN ADVENTURES AS A TRIP HOST IN 2018. I'm 23 and was born on the mainland (Tanzania) and attended secondary school and college in Dar...

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David Zuberi Zanzibar Trip Host
David Zuberi

I AM A TRIP HOST IN ZANZIBAR AND LOOK AFTER VOLUNTEERS DURING THEIR STAY. Hello, my name is David! I am 25 years old and was born in Zanzibar where...

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Samson Zuberi

I AM THE IN-COUNTRY CO-ORDINATOR FOR ZANZIBAR AND OVERSEE THE PROJECTS ON THE ISLAND. I hail from mainland Tanzania but moved to Zanzibar when I was nine years-old to live...

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African Adventures Imani
Imani Masasa

My role with African Adventures is as a Trip Host. I work closely with Samson, David, and Ally to make sure that our volunteers have a fantastic time here in...

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African Adventures Ally
Ally Jape

I am a Trip Host for African Adventures here in Zanzibar. I was born on the Island but studied travel and tourism on the mainland in Dar es Salaam. I...

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