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Burnley build at Dedzidi Ghana
Burnley continue the big build at Dedzidi School

Siobhan McNamara reflects on Burnley FC in the Community's volunteer trip to Ghana and their ongoing partnership with Dedzidi School.

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Mount Kenya Charity Challenge 2018
Our challengers summit Mount Kenya for African Adventures Foundation

Claire reflects on her challenging five-day Mount Kenya charity expedition which she embarked on in February with fellow climbers, Kate and Dave, to raise vital funds for African Adventures Foundation.

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Tegbi Clinic water tank
A new water tank for Tegbi Clinic

The new water tank at Tegbi Clinic in Ghana will ensure that there is a sufficient water supply to the clinic for it to run properly and provide improved health...

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Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya charity challenge for projects in Africa

African Adventures Foundation's second Mount Kenya charity challenge which will see 100% of all funds raised from our challengers go directly to supporting the development and growth of our partner...

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St Trizah
Project Focus: St Trizah

The school has been transformed this year thanks to nearly 200 volunteers at the school since April, with good progress throughout the summer programme.

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The Walk Centre
The Walk Centre – two months on

The Walk Centre primary school opened its doors in August, after 18 months of hard work and fundraising. Two months on, the school is flourishing and children are making the...

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The Big Bike Ride - Day Eleven
The Big Bike Ride – Day Eleven – Chalinze to Dar Es Salaam

Day Eleven - Despite probably needing a good sleep more than at any point in the ride so far, we only managed a few hours and got up at 5.30am,...

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The Big Bike Ride - Day Ten
The Big Bike Ride – Day Ten – Mgata to Chalinze

Our penultimate day arrived and, whilst we’d be guilty of massaging of our own self-importance for thinking it was real, it felt like news of The Big Bike Ride had...

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The Big Bike Ride - Day Eight Day Nine
The Big Bike Ride – Day Nine – Mombo to Mgata

Day Nine - At 78 miles, today proved to be the most physically demanding yet. The first half was similar to yesterday – long, flat roads made worse by strong...

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The Big Bike Ride - Day eight
The Big Bike Ride – Day Eight – Same to Mombo

Day Eight - If yesterday’s ride was green and hilly, today posed a different challenge. We left Same and headed further south with little around us but vast, open savannahs...

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