Carbon Offsetting Scheme in Ghana

We’re working on a carbon offsetting scheme in Ghana that provides communities in the Volta region with energy-saving stoves.

A Gyapa stove is a Gold Standard certified, energy-saving stove, which requires a lot less fuel than the traditional method of cooking over an open coal pot. The impact of this on individual health and finances, as well as the environmental benefits, makes it a valuable, low-cost investment.

Up to 50% of household income for the poorest families is spent on cooking fuel, and the ongoing demand for fuel in Ghana helps drive greater deforestation. In fact, in 2018, Ghana had the biggest increase in the loss of primary rainforest, and the country now has one of the highest deforestation rates throughout all of Africa. Our carbon offsetting scheme in Ghana will help reduce some of that.

Mitigating our impact.

A Gyapa stove requires up to 50% less fuel than traditional cooking methods, and on average, avoids between half a ton of carbon being dumped into the atmosphere every year. So far, we’ve distributed 15 Gyapa stoves to families in the communities where we work in Ghana. As the Gyapa stoves are handmade in Ghana, this offsetting scheme also promotes domestic employment.

In 2022, we aim to begin rollout of our carbon offsetting scheme in Ghana by offsetting 50% of emissions generated by our volunteers’ flights, by purchasing 250 Gyapa stoves for the communities we work in across Ghana. We’ll increase this commitment over the next three years, until we offset 100% of all emissions generated from our volunteers’ flights.

Our approach to this challenge:

Calculating Our Impact

We’ll work out how much carbon is generated by our volunteers’ flights.


Our in-country team in Ghana will distribute energy-saving Gyapa stoves to families in the community.


We aim to roll out this carbon offsetting scheme in Ghana until we are offsetting 100% of our emissions.

project timeline

Autumn 2019
March 2020
Autumn 2021
Winter 2021

the impact

“We are a family of six – myself and my five granddaughters. The stove has been very good. It doesn’t consume excessive charcoal and produces enough heat for cooking. This benefits me and my family as it means we don’t have to spend too much on charcoal."

Selina Fiadorwu
Received a Gyapa stove in January 2019

Gyapa stoves distributed to families in Ghana so far
tons of carbon emissions will be offset in 2022
100 %
of our emissions will eventually be offset