Blogging your volunteer journey

Dan Mew

Whilst on your volunteer journey, you might like to keep a record of your experiences by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a blog. Here are five reasons to create a blog as you embark on your volunteer trip.

  1. To keep a record of your memories and progress

Taking time to blog about your travel experiences and the successes and challenges you face along the way, including the fundraising leading up to your trip, can be really valuable. Blogging can help you find motivation for each step of the process because you can set yourself achievable targets as you go along. A blog is also something you can look back on to reflect on the experiences you have had and can give you inspiration for future trips

  1. To promote your volunteer work and gain recognition

Once you have chosen to enrol on a volunteer programme, it is really beneficial to maximise the opportunity to promote your trip and spread awareness of what you are doing. Giving your travel journey an online presence is a way to achieve this, and the sooner you start the better. To bring reciprocal benefits to yourself and the cause (the company behind the volunteer work), it is worthwhile to mention them in your blog profile and throughout your blogging by linking to their website. These links will allow your followers to find out more about the volunteer work that you will be participating in from a trusted and reliable source, which can help you gain recognition and support. In turn, it might inspire them to want to get involved in volunteering themselves.

  1. To keep your friends and family updated

An online blog helps you to share your experiences all in one place and is something you can use to connect friends and family near and far. This will help them to engage with what you are doing on a more personal level and, again, it will help you gain further recognition and support from your nearest and dearest. Having a good support network around you will encourage you to do the best you can, helping you to achieve more and feel proud of what you have accomplished.

  1. To share knowledge and learn from others

Keeping a travel blog is a fantastic way to share knowledge and learn from others. It is a place where you can connect with fellow travellers who are embarking on similar adventures and share your stories, tips and recommendations as well as successes and things you could do better next time. By sharing your experiences with the world, you can motivate others to travel or volunteer and feel connected to a wider community of like-minded people.

  1. To benefit yourself

Last but not least, a very good reason to get blogging is to simply do it for yourself. Blogging can help give you focus on the cause but also allows you the opportunity to help improve your writing, organisation and forward-planning skills. It can help you boost your portfolio if you want to get blogging more and is something to highlight on your CV that could be a talking point when communicating your skills in job interviews. It shows you have dedicated time to a project and the efforts you have put into achieving your goals. Furthermore, blogging can give you confidence and help remind you of the experiences you have gained, friends you have made along the way and life skills you have developed through your travelling endeavours.

For ideas to get started on your blog, take a look at the one Lutterworth College students and teachers have been putting together as they prepare for their volunteer trip to Kenya in July: http://lutterworthcollegekenya2017.blogspot.co.uk/.

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