The Big Build commences…Chichester College are on their way to Kenya!

Dan Mew

Chichester College are embarking on another incredible journey to Kenya this weekend, with a group of returning and new volunteers, and are set to make big progress on the Big Build project by getting classroom construction underway for the new Walk Centre Primary School.

The blog of their upcoming African Adventure has already been launched with mention of The Build, donations and previous volunteer experiences from last year.

Here are just a few highlights from a previous Chichester college expedition, in the words of the volunteers…

“My experience in Kenya changed my outlook on various aspects of my life. A day doesn’t pass without me thinking about Nakuru, and the wonderful people I met there. Being a filmmaker, I long for new stories and this place is full of them. It’s unfortunate the travel time is so great but having said that, the experience is one hundred percent worth the wait”

“Building a toilet block at the local secondary school was physically demanding but so rewarding. The school kids welcomed me to play football with them.” Beau Pritchard, volunteer (pictured)

Catherine Vinall, Clerk to the Governors at Chichester College and soon to be second-time volunteer, speaks of her experience in Kenya last year; “Since the College’s first trip with African Adventures I’ve bene interested in taking part. The opportunity to travel, experience a completely different culture and do something worthwhile really appealed.”

When the time finally came to set off for Kenya, I was nervous, excited and apprehensive. I thought I was pretty well-prepared emotionally and physically but nothing can prepare you for noisy, bright, dirty, beautiful, in-your-face Kenya.”

Everything changed when we arrived at The Walk, the project where I would be based. I will never forget the feeling of peace and tranquillity I had on one of our last days at The Walk, painting a toilet block, listening to the children singing their lessons. The Walk has a special place in my heart, it was a privilege and honour to spend time there. The experience taught me many things, including respect for a different way of life and the importance of giving.”

To follow Chichester College’s African Adventure journey throughout the next fortnight and keep up to date on the progress of The Walk Centre Primary School build, follow their blog here.

For further information on The Big Build project and the story behind The Walk Centre in Nakuru, Kenya, take a look at The Big Build page.