The Big Bike Ride – Day Six – Arusha to Moshi

Dan Mew
Friday 11th August – Day Six – Arusha to Moshi

 The supposed ‘easy’ ride of the event – 50 miles and an overall descent of around 1500ft – came at a welcome time, following yesterday’s long, windy ride, which took a lot out of the team.

We set off early at 8am and, not long after leaving Arusha, peering over the horizon just above the clouds stood the incredible ‘Roof of Africa’, Mount Kilimanjaro. At over 18,000ft high, its distinctive snow-capped, flat summit sits in stark contrast to the increasingly hilly and humid foothills beneath it.

There was unfortunately little time to enjoy the sights, however, as clouds quickly gathered in the late morning ahead of a stormy afternoon and, worse still, it didn’t clear up again – but we did manage to get a couple of photos.

The road is relatively straight between the two towns and we averaged speeds of over 19mph as we made the most of the tailwinds. The ride took just over three hours, plus breaks, which is almost half the amount of time we spent on the saddle yesterday and gives you an indication of how strong the winds were against us.

Moshi is one of the main stop-off points for tourists about to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and, having spent several days prior in much smaller, quieter towns between Nairobi and Arusha, it felt much livelier.

Despite being asked what seemed like a dozen times in our first fifteen minutes, the team resisted the offers from various guides to climb Kilimanjaro, in favour of staying on the cycle.

We found a good spot for the night to sleep and Lucy in particular was happy that the hotel had pizzas on the menu – though it was a full house of orders.